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    What consitutes legal advice?

    got me thinking due to a recent discussion, you know how brokers, advisors etc. arent allowed to give specific legal/investment advice, so what exactly constitues legal advice, to me everything is legal advice, something like "Oh go and buy CBA shares, they will do well" is obviously...
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    Bad bad bad Journalism! Young Property Gun Shame Shame shame, I trust journalists as much as used car salesman, so it doenst surprise me, however she's a self made property...
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    suggest me a JV setup

    a few pointers would be greatly appreciated ignoring the legal side, in a nutshell 2 parties buying a Resi house that needs a lot of work $50k both want to hold on for long term, not interested in flipping 1 party has the serviceability and cash, but no expertise at all 1 party has...
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    compensation? faulty oven

    Would you say yes to compensation? I personally think no way 2 weeks without oven now, under warranty, initallly a paid electrician has gone out to diagnose warranty claim submitted, still waiting for someone from company to sort it I suspect another week
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    Strategy question

    Well. Long story short Over the past couple of years ive bought a fair few ips All under sub 300k. A few in mining dependant area Most have done quite well. A few have moved nowhere despite sydneys boom (nsw regional) At present. Cash flow is ok. Cash is low. Serviceability is...
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    Approx cost of a roof replacement: ipswich

    Any one got a rough idea of the cost of a roof replacement of a tile roof that's been half damaged. Ie half tiles missing I've done one in nsw and vic but know that each area is different my vic and nsw ones cost about 9k but that was a few years ago
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    commercial lease question

    is subleasing a common thing? I thought it was basic 101 commerical lease that one shall not sub lease , just like in resi basically, got told a shop owner in a booming area who is on a 7 year lease was offered $100k cash to take over the lease so he basically either sold the lease or...
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    critique my business idea: alcohol

    i have about 1% of confidence like ace in the hole in his idea, so im expecting this to not get off the ground anyway, i like a particular type of alcohol, due to shortages of the vintages here, its sold out everywhere, even the reps have no hope of getting it i can scour the local shops...
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    does anybody self manage remotely?

    Just had a thought in the process of changing managing agents, I admire people who can or are self managing remotely I would need stress leave within 1 day if I was self managing remotely I reckon
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    PM rant

    This is only a semi rant, but im starting to think my expectations of a professional company/service is too high. Id like to think im a reasonable human being and I think that if PM agencies were actually financially liable for any screw ups, then 99% of problems wouldnt occur, this is a...
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    struggling renting an IP out; qld

    a few opinions would be apprecaited, short version property now been on the market for 7 weeks odd now, total of 3-4 parties inspected across 4 inspections, 3 applications taken, none proceeded house: 3bdr highest, recently budget renoed, in redbank plains ad is quite good, photos good...
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    another im going to retire by 30 article

    groan, another one I really admire her guts and confidence, I really do but retiring by the end of 2015 with 1 IP is laughable are these...
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    Who pays for water usage for a leakage? NSW

    Cliffs, new tenant sep 2014 Sent first water bill about Jan 2015, approx $400 which is on the high side, a month later, I follow up with the agent and they say, oops we got it but we couldnt read the scan (I was like well you should have called me, because the attachement is fine, as others...
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    hole in floor: what to do

    I have a cheap ip whose floorboards in the kitchen arent great. The tenant has fallen through Im looking for an affordable fix Tradie has recommended something from underneath and says it might to be too hard We are thinking of putting yellow tongue over the top however that would mean...
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    interesting mentality/conversation i heard today

    Well in hindsight is probably not that interesting But today i was working (totally real estate unrelated) Doing my work minding my own business and i heard a colleague that i barely know start a conversation about real estate investment One was a Asian lady in her 50s been here 20 years and...
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    Another over entitled mentality Gen Y Dont really want to turn it into a gen Y bashing article, but its interesting to note the following for me. - She expects to be married and debt free at 26 - she bought a IP at 21 in bris and...
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    lino or carpet in rental?

    Wwyd 4bdr family home for renovation on a budget. Owners want to on a minimal budget to get the place rentable. Its currently a mess The current floating floorbaords will be torn up Its a quite big. The 4bdrs plus living plus dining total 120sqm They were suggesting diy lino. But...
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    big fire insurance claim question

    Just been told that one of my houses has been set on fire Apparently. A molotov cocktail was set off inside Apparently the entire house is smoked damaged eith one room all grey and the rest of the house. Slightly discolored . But nothing looks burnt im quite sute structurally is unaffected...
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    cant find sliding shower screen?

    im doing a reno and every shop ive gone to doesnt seem to have it Ihave a shower whose front panel (the other 3 walls are tiled) cant be a swing door because the bathroom is too small, and it has a derilect 3 piece sliding door glass door where can I get these without paying an arm and a leg?
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    Forgot to renew insurance

    well, totally my fault on this one, but its not a standard oops I forgot type situation, but anyway, feeling quite silly at the moment insurance expired in late Oct 14, in may they sent me a letter saying they werent going to renew (probably because I made 2 claims that year on a different...