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  1. Roachy

    Would you sell in Brisbane atm?

    I have a 3/1/0 in Stafford Heights on a Main Road. Have been looking to sell this property and was wondering if people currently in the area believe that the market is timed to sell hard stock (eg. a House on a Main Rd)? A realestate agent believes I could get $450-480k? Is this realistic...
  2. Roachy

    VW amarok or grand cherokee

    Hey all, Looking at purchasing one of the two vehicles in the heading. I understand they are two different kinds of vehicles. What I am after is whether you would pick one over the other. We are looking for a daily drive but also something we can take to Cape York. We are looking at...
  3. Roachy

    Working Overseas

    After reading the 'places to retire cheaply' thread, I was enlightened to ask these questions: Has anyone ever worked overseas? Where? and what were your experiences How did they get the job? What are the good websites to look at to find jobs which are overseas? Would you work overseas...
  4. Roachy

    US Holiday

    Hey SSers, Looking at a trip to the US over Dec 14/Jan 15. Don't know really where to go or what to do. The only things I want to do is eat where Man Vs Food goes, mainly Southern BBQ joints. Noting its a 6 week holiday, does anyone know how much it costs per day for a holiday eg. Hotel...
  5. Roachy

    How good are these guys?
  6. Roachy

    Please Discuss Is she the worst Senator ever?
  7. Roachy

    Hottest 100

    Anyone listening? Who's your number 1? Pharrell Williams - Happy. That's my pick and it makes me happy.
  8. Roachy

    Free Seminar

    I wouldn't do it, but someone might want to.
  9. Roachy

    Broker Townsville

    Any Brokers in Tville willing to have a look at my loan structure and potential to loan additional funds, please PM me or put your name and number on this thread. Looking for a Commercial or Residential loan to buy a block of 4 units. Thanks in advance. R
  10. Roachy

    GST - Should it be increased?

    Just read a couple of articles on increasing the GST and then thought I would look at the world and their tax rates. I personally would like to see a hike in GST, perhaps up to 15%, like the Kiwis. My reason for this is that it...
  11. Roachy

    Help - When to Sell?

    G'day All, Situation: We have been looking to sell IP2, which is located in Stafford Heights on a main road. We need approximately $425k Sale Price to break even. The lease for IP2 runs out in March 2014 and we need to give the tenants two months to vacate. Thus, we need to make a decision on...
  12. Roachy

    How awesome are chipotle peppers and sauce?

    How awesome are Chipotle Peppers and Sauces?
  13. Roachy

    Colorbond Roof Colour

    Hey Guys, Just doing up the colour selections for my new build and am stuck on the roofing, This is what I'm thinking: Roof: Basalt Gutters: Basalt Fascia: Dune It will be a brick home using Austral Engage Bricks and I would look to match the window frames with the Roof and the...
  14. Roachy

    Bricks Brilliant Bricks!

    After the amazing reception of the Paints Glorious Paints thread why don't we switch our attention to bricks. What is your favourite Brick? Maker: Range: Name: Regards, R
  15. Roachy

    Suncorp $1.5 million LMI

    Hey there, Just got off the phone to my lender. They were stating that they/I will need to get an additional LMI insurer since my portfolio is over $1.5 million. Does this sound correct? And if so, Do I have to pay LMI for the entirety of the portfolio or just the part which that...
  16. Roachy

    Where is Evan?

    Has anyone seen our left leaning Evan of late?
  17. Roachy

    60th Birthday Present

    My old man is turning 60 in a couple of weeks and I am in a bind of what to get a man that has everything. He doesn't drink or smoke so that rules all those goodies out. I just don't know what to get him. Any suggestions. Best suggestion gets a high five.
  18. Roachy

    Tax Depreciation Schedule Toowoomba

    Hello all, Was wondering if anyone can advise me of a good tax depreciation specialist in Toowoomba. I just got a quote from Herron Todd White for $1270 (inclusive of GST) for a tax depreciation schedule for a duplex. Is this price normal? If so, should I just get the prices my builder...
  19. Roachy

    Dual Living Plans

    Hey all, I've attached some plans of a proposed dual living residence my partner and I want to build. Any feedback would be appreciated. Please note that the smaller units living space needs to stay under 65m2. Additionally, that the block has a 22m frontage with 30m depth Regards, R
  20. Roachy

    Building Contract - Benchtops and Roof

    Somersofters, Will enter into a building contract within the next week for a Duplex. The standard inclusions are Laminex bench tops to Kitchen, Bathroom and Ensuite; and a tiled roof. I have asked the builder to quote on upgrading the benchtops to Caesarstone and the roof to Colourbond...