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  1. Roachy

    Would you sell in Brisbane atm?

    I agree C Stewart. I just want to get rid of the property. It might go up another 50k, but its not worth my time. Well I dont think so anyway. Its an unknown.
  2. Roachy

    Would you sell in Brisbane atm?

    Yeah she provided 3 recent sales. $378k, $550k and $560k. All were within 300m of my house and 2 were on the main st. I monitor the prices on a monthly basis and what I have found is that the price is usually $50k minus the median.
  3. Roachy

    Would you sell in Brisbane atm?

    I have a 3/1/0 in Stafford Heights on a Main Road. Have been looking to sell this property and was wondering if people currently in the area believe that the market is timed to sell hard stock (eg. a House on a Main Rd)? A realestate agent believes I could get $450-480k? Is this realistic...
  4. Roachy

    VW amarok or grand cherokee

    If you read my original post it was between the two cars, not add additional cars. Also, it stated daily drive, not just Cape York. So everyone's input, whilst I respect it, was not about the subject. I hope you understand D.T.
  5. Roachy

    VW amarok or grand cherokee

    Sad Face! Currently looking at getting some black number plates with white writing. Is it as simple as ordering the current alphanumeric on the plate you want, and then when delivered attaching it to your car and handing back the old plates? I don't want to personalise or anything, just...
  6. Roachy

    VW amarok or grand cherokee

    So I took the Amarok Highline, the Subaru Outback and the Jeep Grand Cherokee for a test drive, as well as countless other vehicles (but these were the top three). These were all 2014. Amarok - Great drive for a 4x4 ute. Good pickup and drives like a car. Really enjoyed the drive and would...
  7. Roachy

    Defence Force Reserves

    OK if you really want to be a choco I would go the following routes: Firstly. Be a enlisted man if you want adventure. Be an Officer if you want a very small amount of leadership experience. Secondly, join the following Corps if you want to be deployed or join large scale multinational...
  8. Roachy

    VW amarok or grand cherokee

    At this point in time we are edging toward the grand cherokee due to its flawless looks.
  9. Roachy

    VW amarok or grand cherokee

    Hey all, Looking at purchasing one of the two vehicles in the heading. I understand they are two different kinds of vehicles. What I am after is whether you would pick one over the other. We are looking for a daily drive but also something we can take to Cape York. We are looking at...
  10. Roachy

    Enoggera and DOHAS?

    I'd look at investing somewhere your husband won't post. Perhaps Toowoomba (depending on Corps), if SE QLD is somewhere you like. Or perhaps Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney (depending on rank and Corps). We have the same dilemma as you and are looking at buying a property with development as...
  11. Roachy

    Government employees

    I have been a Government employee since I was 17. Love it, I get to do awesome things that normal people never get to do! Also my superannuation is completely different, once I hit 20 years I get a multiplier on the years I stay employed. Go on join the revolution.
  12. Roachy

    which property should i buy?

    Raj, Which property did you put an offer on? Are you feeling like you made the wrong choice and thus want positive feedback on your offer? In my not so expert opinion the Hill End Rd property is better as its not on a major road. Having bought on a Major Rd I know that it has bad...
  13. Roachy


    Hey Tranqulio, Not being a Geelong buff but isn't the entire region in or is going to be in a massive downturn due to manufacturing, especially with the car industry coming to a halt? If you are keen to buy down that way maybe leave it a couple of years.
  14. Roachy

    which property should i buy?

    Perhaps more than 45mins is needed for people to give you their opinion. Maybe read your quote and keep calm.
  15. Roachy

    New push bike laws

    I say, pay rego or get off the road. They cannot be held accountable if they do something wrong, which I would say the majority do (not stopping at stop signs/pedestrian signs/running red lights/moving between pedestrian paths and roadways/being a nuisance).
  16. Roachy

    Working Overseas

    Thank you very much for all the replies so far. Seems like the people that have worked overseas loved it. I've been looking lately on random websites, but a lot of them don't look legit. Keep the replies and experience coming.
  17. Roachy

    Brisbane Property Prices next 12 months

    Perception = Reality
  18. Roachy

    Nundah, QLD

    Wylie, that's a great story. Who would have thought. Made me smile just then.
  19. Roachy

    Working Overseas

    Hahahahaha, Yeah there are some, but they are hard to get. Pretty much got to wear knee pads 24/7 to get those gigs. Looking at operations management or jobs with man/woman management (as you see I am also very encompassing of demographics).
  20. Roachy

    Newtown 2042 Record

    It's a very nice looking house. If I had a spare $3.6 mil I'd buy it too.