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    easement beautification! deck or cubby house

    Hi all, Would appreciate some advice with regards to easement access and beautification! I have a storm water drain access in the backyard to one corner. Used to be an ugly old shed over it (with timber sleepers lining the bottom) which we have removed. Dimensions: 2m by 3m Options: 1...
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    safety film for windows

    Wanting to get someone out to put safety film on windows so that the normal float glass conforms to current glazing standards. Any one know how much $ per sq m? or per window? I've got colonial windows throughout so there are 60 little panels which I think is going to cost me a fortune...
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    Handyman recommendation for Melbourne eastern suburbs

    Hi there, Does anyone have a reliable and capable handyman to recommend for odd jobs around the house? List of things to be done Childproofing- stair gates Curtain cords Locks on cabinets Maybe window safety film application Thanks.
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    Need two bricks to fill gap left by intercom removal

    Hi there, I have removed the intercoms in the house and two of them were installed in brick walls. So now I need 2 bricks to fill the gap. Bunnings doesn't appear to have anything similar to what I need. Can any one point me in the right direction? I live in Melbourne (eastern...
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    Glued on shower screen! How ridiculous!

    Got my 2 semi-frameless shower screens "professionally" installed last week by a large company. It was falling off the wall yesterday. That's when I noticed the mounting bracket was glued on with I suspect liquid nail. Yep, you read it right- the mounting bracket were not screwed in...
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    Stamp duty for pensioners

    I am aware that stamp duty is exempt for pensioners if property is less than $440 000. But what if the property is owned by 2 pensioners? Would a $880000 property be free of stamp duty for the 2 pensioners?
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    Cabinet maker quote too $$$. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue.

    Hi there! I had a double wall oven that has been replaced by a single oven. So there's now a gap which I wish to make into a microwave shelf. The sides are also too wide (by 1cm) Material is blackwood timber. Oven is stainless steel/finger print resistant. Will need "sides" to screw this...
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    experience of 3gt/triexta/smarstrand/iq150 carpet from Harvey Norman

    Has anyone installed this? What is your experience? I am interested to know about matting/furniture marks/oil stains. Thanks.
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    remove telephone socket

    I have a telephone socket which would be located behind a proposed splashback in the kitchen (due to extension of benchtop to be a breakfast bar). I wish to remove it/relocate it but don't know how. If I cap it off and then remove the faceplate, would the other lines still work? What about...
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    defective product, returns advice

    Hi everyone, Just opened up our china vanity top for installation. not happy, there is a few scratches on the glazing, very visible. Wish to exchange but this product was delivered over 2 months ago. We hadn't opened the box until today because of delays in renos. I have the plumber...
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    Building Asbestos inspection before renovation

    Got a property that's been in the family for years to sell. Currently rather unattractive and so considering renovation prior to selling. I 99% suspect this property has asbestos and has termite damage. Wondering which option you would choose: 1. Sell property as it is 2...
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    rough idea of asbestos abatement cost

    Not sure whether to fully renovate wet areas because of asbestos. Depends on budget/$$ So would appreciate a rough estimate of asbestos abatement costs. is it by per square metre? or room?
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    demolition cost

    Hi everyone, Can you offer a ballpark figure on how much I should budge for demolition costs? 1960's Double storey Brick Veneer House Likely to have asbestos in wet areas living area about 20 to 25 squares House is on an incline. Thanks.
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    tiling cost $120 per sq m-porcelain; gap

    Got a quote This seems excessive to me. Wondering what you think tiling porcelain cost $120 per sq m floor 300 by 300mm wall 300 by 600mm 50 sq m Tiler said he would screed put up the plaster boards/blue boards waterproof tile and grout I am providing the tile, the adhesive, and the grout...
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    tile size- opinion wanted

    Which of the following combination would you choose? All same style/colour tiles just different tile size For main bathroom dimensions 2.7m by 2.9m has shower base, bath and vanity. 1. 300x300mm on floor 300x600mm on wall (horizontally tiled) OR 2 300mmx600mm on the floor and the wall...
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    where to source shower base- drain cover plate

    I have a marbletrend showerbase with an ugly plastic drain cover. wishing to get a jazzy looking chrome cover for the drain where do I source this? I contacted Marbletrend and they said that they are having trouble with their overseas supplier. Don't know when it will be in. Where can...
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    grout haze- advice needed

    lots of grout haze on porcelain tiles, not happy tiling was done over a 10 days ago. what have you tried in past to remove the haze? what works? thanks.
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    uneven floor tiles- how to rectify?

    Just checked out the newly tiled floor. Not a happy chappy here. Uneven at one particular spot with corner/edge jutting up. Very noticeable. Will be asking tiler to re-do that spot- is that rectifiable? How is it done? I just want to know in case the tiler pulls a "well your floor...
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    plumbing question regarding mains water pressure

    read the warranty on my new ($$) mixer taps says warranty void if mains water pressure >500kpa live in a 30 year old house questions 1. is it worthwhile checking the mains pressure and fit a pressure limiting valve? 2. if i limit the pressure, how will the upstairs water...
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    downlights legality and building code

    wishing to replace existing downlights with 240v compact fluorescent (CFL) downlights. does any one have a link to the building code re clearance from structural member (eg timber) and oof, insulation etc do i have to have the safety hood over it? got sold a kit without hood and was...