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  1. Andrew_A

    Looking for a buyers agent - Brisbane

    Karen from Property Zest is one that I believe might be buying there, though I'm just reading somersoft to know that :)
  2. Andrew_A

    Offer accepted..

    In QLD if the buyer has the signed contract you have control of the property, if your offer is "accepted" as a verbal or letter of offer (usually a one page non binding promise letter) its still open to being trumped by another contract, however that is very rare.
  3. Andrew_A

    Brisbane Buyers agent

    Karen has some good feedback from my sources as well, I've referred to her in the past which is saying something as we are competition and regularly meeting at open for inspections looking at the same properties on a Saturday :)
  4. Andrew_A

    Looking for a buyers agent - Brisbane

    Right at this moment we aren't buying in Moreton apart from repeat clients so the post by Jacque is a good resource to contact for other options. Jackbak I try and help every potential new client enquiry but it's been hard to do that properly ever since January 2013 when enquiry levels went...
  5. Andrew_A

    End of an Era

    End of an era indeed Thanks Jan and Ian and Sim & moderators and all the contributors through the years. A truly amazing resource and community have been created here. I was browsing in the very early days, a member from some years ago and feel like the forum is retiring near the top of it's...
  6. Andrew_A

    What do you rate these two areas as?

    It could be pointed out that 50% is still significantly higher than 80% x 20% which = 16% How about 1/2 Moxie mixed with action + 1/2 mindset + 1/2 knowledge!?
  7. Andrew_A

    Does Brisbane still stack up?

    Interesting thread :) Just because I can add some value without too much opinion. Likely there are some pretty graphs to back up a bit of this anecdotal reporting. > Upswing started from January 2013 in Brisbane, not much % wise in some areas and quite large in others. Been a challenge to...
  8. Andrew_A

    How to make 100k in your spare time.

    Ace this will be an interesting read :) Why this method instead of testing first via some drop shipping trial?
  9. Andrew_A

    Before, during and after renovation with a difference

    Like the work, well done :)
  10. Andrew_A

    If a ceiling of a room is less than 2.4m can it still be used to sleep in?

    A definition of habitable rooms: " a room used for normal domestic activities and Includes a bedroom, living room, lounge room, music room, television room, kitchen, dining room, sewing room, study, playroom, family room, home theatre, and sunroom, but Excludes a bathroom, laundry, water...
  11. Andrew_A

    If a ceiling of a room is less than 2.4m can it still be used to sleep in?

    I guess we would be talking over the difference between 'living purposes' and 'habitable room' in this case? What you have quoted is of course correct, 2.4m is a bedroom and no less :) Hence the careful words in advertising for sale or rentals, reading between the lines of 'teenagers retreat'...
  12. Andrew_A

    If a ceiling of a room is less than 2.4m can it still be used to sleep in?

    The general descriptions: Family room, multi purpose, teenagers retreat, dual living, rumpus. Anything from the floor to ceiling that is 2.2M is very comfortable for living purposes, over 2M generally ok though to qualify for 'bedroom' status it does need that 2.4m.
  13. Andrew_A

    Steep increase in Brisbane land valuations

    There is useful info online: including an interactive map:
  14. Andrew_A

    Europe trip : )

    Perhaps it's an individual experience, you won't know what really connects for you as you haven't been there and experienced that country before. So my contribution would be to have excellent processes instead of X-Y-Z goals (visit this place in this country, that place in that country), eg...
  15. Andrew_A

    Raceview, Queensland property market- Townhouses

    Any luck with the sale Kush62?
  16. Andrew_A

    What have you achieved this year!!

    In terms of 2015 goals. I've made an important health goal that I'm already 30% towards achieving as I started in late November, a useful system to get a head start on the new year resolutions :) Looking back on 2014 it seems to be a case of you never get 100% of what you are seeking to...
  17. Andrew_A

    What's going on in Brisbane

    Just to jump on the other side of the equation, Brisbane rents have been slow and that means yields have dropped in line with the growth, sometimes considerable, over the last 2 years. I distinctly remember the pickup that I first noticed in January 2013 in Brisbane and have watched how...
  18. Andrew_A

    Awesome formula

    For those who want some kind of summary this could be worthwhile: More on equations I really like this one::
  19. Andrew_A

    What's going on in Brisbane

    I don't think it's valuation problems, it's tough working out when you need to go in strong and when you have some time to negotiate. 'Strangely patchy but still strong' is a good description. In the background we seem to have no great strength in the economy, which is likely reflected in the...
  20. Andrew_A

    What's going on in Brisbane

    Yes. It's strangely patchy in parts. Sometimes you see a strong result that reminds you it's no buyers market. Seems to be more contract crashes and also stand offs between buyers and sellers, might be 5-20k away that sort of thing and both sides not budging, usually the sellers win that...