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    Perth meetup - Saturday, June 20th

    What about the one that Sim has set up?
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    Hot water unit in main bedroom wardrobe.

    Oh yeah, oops. I missed that it was electric. Still, even electric storage systems are likely to have a sacrificial anode. That is the part that failed on mine and caused the system to break down. There is regular and ongoing...
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    Hot water unit in main bedroom wardrobe.

    For long term maintenance, those storage systems are not too great. Also, they tend to leak at lot when they develop a fault (from experience of mine). I am glad mine was outside. It leaked a lot of water when it needed repairing. I just paid for it to be removed and replaced with an instant gas...
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    End of an Era

    I can't thank everyone enough for all of the invaluable advice I have received from this forum. I will certainly be joining up the new forum, I already see a lot of people have already signed up. I'm sad this forum is closing but I'm glad the new forum is powering off!
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    Executive committee chairperson constantly harassing my tenants

    What is with jerks and stratas? I remember at one heated managment meeting for my strata that one of the other owners politely suggested that the jerks should go buy a property that they didn't have to share with anyone else. There were only 4 owners in the whole complex. Three were nice, it was...
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    Phones - land line/mobile

    I investigated dumping my land line rental but keeping my ADSL. In the end there were some things that bothered me about going down that path. I ended up bundling for a great deal but I don't make land line phone calls. ADSL only (no land line) can be cheaper but there are some competitive...
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    Home prices compared to a year ago

    I have seen it done. There's always another offer... unless there isn't :p
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    Perth Property Market updates

    Knowing real estate markets, I seriously doubt that this development is going to devalue anyone's property. If past experience is anything to go by, it is more likely that property values in the area will increase as a result of this development. I have seen that before... the ripple out effect...
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    Lowball offers, questions.

    It is not common but I have used a variation of this tatic to secure a property well under market value. This is how: I made the offer. The agent picked up the phone and yelled at me that the offer was too low :p After he calmed down, I explained why it was so low. I quickly put together a 2...
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    Building Costs - Melbourne

    Thanks oc1. That is good thinking. I have been comparing what is for sale in the area. I had not thought of competing with Rosanna. I was working on $1,700 per square metre including site costs and servicing but I was worried it was on the low side for the product I want to build. Just...
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    Building Costs - Melbourne

    Cheers. Yep. Already onto the agents to find out what is selling, what is not, what is needed and what is not selling. I didn't think to ask about builders though, so good pickup there. I am looking at two storey and a higher quality spec to max the price and return. Lots of cheap stuff being...
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    Building Costs - Melbourne

    Perhaps. It is a large project, 117 new townhouses. I'm only looking at 4, so hopefully not too much per townhouse. :)
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    Building Costs - Melbourne

    Cheers. I am leaning towards this kind of product. Could be an interesting project.
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    Small townhouses vs luxury townhouse?

    Stop being practical and live the dream! :)
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    Cotton-wool parenting

    I did yard duty at school as a kid. I never got injured or sick from doing it.
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    Building Costs - Melbourne

    I couldn't find the threads where Melbourne building costs are being discussed. Anwyay, I came across something being built in my area: At a building size of...
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    Worst Melbourne suburb within 15km of the City (excluding the West)

    Next to Rosanna is more expensive, like Porter Road. I'm a bit surprised they are selling this development at such high prices. Prices over there must have gone up more than I thought. It's interesting that Ivanhoe, Heidelberg and Rosanna are reasonably desirable and Heidelberg Heights...
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    Home prices compared to a year ago

    Assuming the other offer is real ;)
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    Worst Melbourne suburb within 15km of the City (excluding the West)

    I would have said Heidelberg West too, because of places like this: but not Heidelberg Heights judging by a new development there. $743,000 for a 3x2 townhouse. Seems like a lot...
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    Hang laundry on balcony visible from the street? legal?

    Aww. Don't mock youtube. I used youtube a lot during my last reno.