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    Too hard, too fast?

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, After many hours of reading through this incredible forum I'm two years into developing my portfolio. But now I'm not sure where to go from here, hopefully someone can offer some insight? I currently have two properties that are essentially...
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    Settlement / Purchase costs

    Hi all, I'm looking at trying to buy my second I.P (thanks to the wonderful help of you magnificent forum members). I have a question on the acquisition of funds for settlement costs (such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees etc). I plan on taking a new loan at 95% LVR and have enough funds...
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    Purchase next property

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, I purchased my first investment property around August last year (2012) and now want to look at purchasing my second investment property, I'm just not sure on the best way to do it. I'm still new to the whole investing scene and don't have a terrible lot of...
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    Trying to start out

    Before I get to my question I just want to say what a fantastic forum this is, such a wealth of information! and thank you for taking the time to read my thread. Regarding my post, I am trying to plan my plunge into the property investment market. To help set the scene, I am turning 22 this...