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    Sydney inner west suggestions

    Hi, just started looking for my second investment property. Current saving is around 80K and no equity in first investment(which sucks:)). I am looking into buying 2bdrm unit somewhere in sydney inner west, mainly dulwich hill, hurlstone park, burwood, strathfield, concord west. I am...
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    Baulkham hills capital growth ???

    Hi, Recently I have been looking closely to hills suburbs especially baulkham hills. Market is really moving fast there. There is lots of competition because of first home buyers I guess. Looking at the history of the suburb it doesn't gave much of capital growth in last 5 years. Just...
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    Baulkham hills or Erskineville

    Hi all, Getting prepared to purchase my next IP. Budget is around 450-470K. I have two suburbs in mind, Baulkham hills or Erskineville. They very different to each other but I think both can provide strong CG. I would either buy 2bdrm apartment in Erskineville or 3 bdrm house in balkum...
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    pushy investment consultant

    Hi all, Since last few weeks I have been constantly contacted by a consultant from Lifestyle Planning Group. Has anyone heard of them? They say they are "Independent" investment consultancy. He was proposing to show few IPs around Brisbane area. I am sure they are one of those agents who...
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    claim tax while constructing?

    Hi, Can I claim negative gearing for the period while property is under construction and not available for rent? Thanks amit jani
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    Defaulted property listing

    Hi All, Does any one know if there is any website to find properties which are defaulted or on sell because of bankruptcy? What do you guys think about buying such properties? Thanks
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    Construction Delay

    Hi All, I bought a house+land package in feb 2007. Construction is going on since march 2007 till date. It is 4 bdrm, slope sensitive, split level design. According to HIA contract builder has 180 days to finish it but its still not complete. I have put hold on final stage payment but its...
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    PPOR Or Investment Property

    Hi, What an excellent place to get knowledge! This is my first post BTW. Just wondering what should we be buying first, a PPOR or an Investment Property?