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    AAMI or Terri Scheer for LLI?

    Hi everyone, I know this has been discussed before, but the most recent thread I could find went back to 2007, so I thought I'd start a new one cos I'm sure those are out-dated by now. In a nutshell, which company would you all recommend? My property is a strata property, so I need contents...
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    What are the dangers of renting privately

    Hi there, I'm not sure if I should be posting this here, and I apologize if this is the wrong forum for it, but I'm really needing some advice on the possible dangers and pitfalls of renting privately? My son has applied for no less than 15 properties, but because it's just him and another...
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    Need some information on Kwinana

    Hello's good to be back in this forum. Can anyone help me determine how much I should be paying for a brand new 3x2 unit in Kwinana Town Centre? It's part of a development of about 20 units and comes with NRAS certificate. Location is excellent - literally walking distance...
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    House vs vacant block

    Hello everyone... can I just ask what are the pros and cons of investing in a vacant block instead of a ready built house? Thank you!:)
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    Is it worth doing depreciation report

    Hello everyone. I have an oldish property in WA. Not sure exactly what year it was built, but it would have to be about 15-20 years old. The property is a unit in a development of seven. Some people say it's too old to bother with a depreciation report while others say it isn't. Which is it? I...
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    Best way to manage bills?

    Hi there everyone...I'm wondering what's the best way to manage non-IP related bills. I use my credit card to pay for everything so that I can keep the balance in my offset account as high as possible, but some companies charge a surcharge for paying by credit card. The surcharge is usually...
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    Getting the most from an offset account

    Hi there I don't know where this thread belongs, exactly, so my apologies in advance if this is the wrong place for it. My question has to do with the best way to use the offset account. We all know to pay everything we can by credit card and so leave the balance as high as possible to...
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    Need recommendations for landlords insurance

    Hello there everyone Can anyone recommend a really good company for landlords insurance? I've been told that there's quite a vast difference in what different companies offer. For instance, some will cover for loss of rent in between tenants for up to four weeks, others won't. There are...
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    Tips for first time self-managing property

    Hello all I'm thinking of managing my investment property myself as the tenant is a very good and reliable mature woman. But I've never done it before and have been told I need to get all sorts of papers and contracts and safeguards (both for tenant and landlord) signed. Can anyone advise me...
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    Any thoughts on Kwinana

    Hello all, does anyone have any thoughts on Kwinana, in Western Australia, as a suburb in which to buy an IP? Thank you.
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    Some questions about NRAS

    Hello all! I'm looking at an NRAS property and if there's anyone out there who has experience with cash flows and how to claim the tax offset I'd reallly appreciate hearing from you. The ATO's website is Greek to me and the accountant I have isn't sure whether you can claim the Federal govt...
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    Is Merriwa a good investment suburb>

    Hello everyone! Happy 2012! I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on whether Merriwa is a good suburb to invest in. It's a little far off the beaten track, but it's along that magical northern corridor. Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thankyou! :):):)
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    Why no properties in WA?

    Hello there...can anyone tell me why TIC has so few properties in WA? Just wondering. I was told their WA researchers had resigned? Any insights? Or is it just that WA is so flat at the moment? I'd rather not go interstate for my first investment, that's all. Thankee
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    Any thoughts on Morley or Nollamara as a place to buy an IP?

    Hi guys, sorry to be starting sooo many threads on where to buy. I just truly need some advice. Having told the investors club rep that I wasn't interested in buying over in eastern states, she said there was one available in Morley. I lived in Morley about 19 years ago and it didn't strike...
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    Has anyone heard of Richlands in Brisbane and/or Craigieburn in Melbourne

    Hello, I am an absolute newbie at buying investment properties and am looking to buy my first one. I live in Perth, where market is flat, but there is an older property I'm looking at - one is around 12 years old, the other around 10. The Investors Club has recommended interstate - Craigieburn...
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    How to calculate investment rate of return?

    Hello all. Can anyone tell me how an investment's rate of return is calculated? We were told that unless we can see a 20% IRR in a property over 7-10 years, it's not worth it. My husband and I are looking at purchasing a three bedroom property about 8km from the city that's about 12 years...
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    Any thoughts on Craigieburn, Victoria?

    My husband and I are wanting to buy our first IP. It's very exciting but I'm terrified of the risks as we are not young nor are we hugely rich, though largely debt-free. We were recommended one of the new developments in Craigieburn - Malcolm Creek, being developed by Stockland. However we live...