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    wanting IP carpet cheap??

    From: Brent H. Anyone in Victoria (in fact, all of Australia) who is looking to get carpet replaced in any of their properties within the next 12 months or so - drop me a line because I may have some information about the carpet industry which might be of interest. It's mostly on how to pick...
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    Melbourne Cashflow Wrap-up

    From: Brent H. WHOA! What a night! When LoneStar rang me up to say "How many people are you expecting?", I vaguely remember thinking "It's a long weekend... Maybe 45". Come 9pm, we had 70 people!! I doubt anyone had anything less than an amazing night, or aren't richer for having attended...
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    From: Brent H. Calling all Melbournites, This is just a quick reminder about the Melbourne Cashflow Evening coming up in just under a weeks time. I know that some people didn't see the original invitation that I posted just over a month ago so here are the details again...