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    Toowoomba PM recommendation

    Hi everyone, I am in need of a new pm in the Toowoomba area. I would like some recommendations from landlords who have property in and around Toowoomba. I'm not after the cheapest, just someone who is proactive, motivated, interested and communicates well Cheers, Adz
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    EBM insurance flood cover

    I now have multiple properties and am looking into my insurances. I have read a few of the posts on SS and found a lot of about EBM and Terri Scheer (I am with Allianz and budget direct ATM) and have noted that EBM did not include flood cover But it was being looked into by the company. Do...
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    Tenant wants air con

    Hi everyone, I'm sure you have had this one before but I'll ask none the less. The house is only a couple of years old and I have already fitted additional screens, fans and allowed dogs. I have done all this to keep the tenant happy as they always pay rent on time and generally look after the...
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    Property manager redland shire area

    Hi everyone, I'm after some opinions on property managers around the redland Bay Area (birkdale,wellington point,ormiston,Cleveland,etc) I'm about to start calling around but it would not hurt to get some recommendations based on experience first. Thank you very much ADAM
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    Investing in highfields, QLD

    I am a first time property investor and looking at Highfields near Toowoomba. I was after any opinions of the area from fellow investors and also insight from any locals... socioeconomic groups in the area?.. places to avoid?..oversupply?..rental demand?..any info would be greatly appreciated...