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    Driveway Wash Out

    I'll be glad to add some photos. See what I can muster up.
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    Driveway Wash Out

    After so long, I thought I would update this forum on the outcome of my dilema. We decided to bitumise the area and in fact, used the brick edging with plants down the side with a narrower driveway. Turned out very neat and we are extremely happy with the end product. As I mentioned before...
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    Body Corporate Inaction

    Hello all you property gurus. Hopefully, there is a brighter investor than me out there that help me in my situation. I currently have a unit in Yarraville (VIC) that is part of a complex that has been subjected to inaction by Body Corporate management due to insufficient funds as a result...
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    Howdy everyone. It has been quite some time since I last posted here and now I figured it was time to get back into it. I have been searching throughout Canberra for a supplier of Astrolawn (aka Astroturf) but I can only find low quality products that just look fake. I did contact...
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    The Things We Learn

    I hope these question and answers are not real. Surely the education system is better than this. Q: Name the four seasons. A: Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar. Q: Explain one of the processes by which water can be made safe to drink. A: Flirtation makes water safe to drink because...
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    Driveway Wash Out

    I have considered this method but it would require quite a few traps to stem the water flow and even then time would be required dig out the gravel washed into the water trap. I am still waiting for a couple of companies to get back to me about asphalt/bitumen driveways. This method does...
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    Driveway Wash Out

    To be honest, I had discounted bitumen as I thought that it would cost too much. Rule number 1, never assume anything. Will invstigate that option and while I am at it, will see what is involved with colours etc. Get back to you all on that one. Thanks for the tip guys and gals...
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    Driveway Wash Out

    We did lay the gravel onto the driveway and used a roller to compact it about 10 years ago. It has stood the test of time pretty well but the washout is occuring on the left wheel rut for about 15m or so. We have used cement powder and the like to try and slow the process down but it seems to...
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    Driveway Wash Out

    Thanks Mr Ed. Would take an enormous amount of effort to do all that but I guess we will have to keep that option in mind. It is a battleaxe block which accounts for the length. Need to clean up the whole length anyhow, so a mini backyard blitz on the driveway will be a good excuse. We are...
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    Driveway Wash Out

    Hi everyone, Can I get some ideas on what I can do to stop my driveway from washing away when it rains? It is a gravel (Paddys River) mix that is 60m long and 6m wide. I have compacted it and it has survived the last 10 years fairly well. Only problem that I have is that the left wheel...
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    SPAM/Junk Mail problems

    I have been using this program for a few months now and it is very good. My only problem with it, is that a lot of the bounces are rejected or produce an error indicating that the email account of the sender is not valid. This is true when the spammer could not care about the address as they...
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    Cashflow in (near) Canberra

    Re: CF101 Howdy Brains. I did not know your email address and I could not find an area to send the following attachment so I will have to attach it here for you. I hope this does not break any of the forum rules. The following is from Boyler Room when I asked the same question in the old...
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    QUIZ: Weakest Link 3

    Re: Weakest Link 3.1 The original question has an answer of N(ine) but I can not figure out the second one.
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    QUIZ: Weakest Link2 : WHAT, You want more???????????

    Re: WINNERS LIST This sounds like Father Christmas and a photo while frantic parents nervously jumping up and down to make their babies smile. Bit late to answer but I forgot to come back after we had a power failure.
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    Handy hint - trees

    For Figs sake Sim, that was bad. ;)
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    Good thread. I found the things that I DON'T want to do, usually gets done because I pay someone else to do it. e.g. mowing the lawn on a stinking hot day.
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    OTP and agent agreements

    Re: OTP resale restrictions That would be to try and curb the flippers from scaring away new prospects. I get twitchy when I see a lot of flippers in a development that has not finished. It is all part of the due diligence that is performed when diving into investments.
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    Advice on Renting

    My brother has a unit in Chelsea Heights and is trying to rent it out because he has been transfered to East Sale with his job. He is trying to get an agent to do the work for him but they are playing hardball according to him. He says they have worded the contract so that they have the...
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    JOKE: The Successful Man & Woman

    Doh! I gotta put my hand up in the air as to knowing the words from memory. That song came out about 15 years ago didn't it?
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    JOKE: The Successful Man & Woman

    Actually Geoff, they did. Will Riker has a double bed in his quarters and has been seen lying in on at least one occasion.