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    Broken promises by bank - need advice.

    Hi, I have been dealing with a well known bank throughout the last few months for an investment property. The lender said she could lock my interest rate in for 7.89% for 5 years. I asked her the all important question of how long can she lock this in. She informed my in her email that she could...
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    HDT not so rosy.

    I set up HDT through an accountant after numerous email conversations with him and from reading posts in this forum. Just to cut it short, he had reassured me that the property asset is protected if I use HDT to purchase the investment property. I could also negative gear it at the same time...
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    Labor in office, what will happened to property investment?

    So Labor is winning the race to the office. What do you think going to happened to property price?
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    Just got back from an Auction at Box Hill.

    My first property that I won on an Auction, Horrah!!! Need someone to congratulate me :). I was somewhat disappointed that it went quite a bit over the listing price range of 1.2 to 1.35 Million, but I have been disappointed many times that I sure won't let this happened again as shown today. I...