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    Airbnb related - Came across this and thought it's interesting Would this work in Australia? Or are entry points, labour and rates too high?
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    Changing existing Halogen to LED Melbourne

    Has anyone done this? And is there anyone you would recommend or a trip to Bunnings would fix this? There's a company that keeps advertising on radio and then there's Ledified. Feedback appreciated!
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    Private School Girl

    I'm sorry for the fluff. But is it bad that I cannot wait for this? Ja'mie is backkkkk...
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    Shoutout to Lil Skater

    Lil Skater is my life saver. Seriously anyone who is using another PM in Melbourne other than her should just switch over. I can now sleep at night! :D
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    Trinity Park, Cairns

    Hi all, this is not my property. But I know the vendors are keen to sell. The REA was trying to convince them to lease it instead of selling which they think is because they have a keen tenant lined up.
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    Renovation Queen: Cherie Barber

    Any thoughts on this article? A friend of mine paid for the seminar and said it was the best $5000 he has spent and forwarded me this article. Makeover Queen Makes Good Quote: In her first year, Barber renovated six houses with a combined value of $6.3 million for a profit of $1.15 million.
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    Melbourne: Mature Yellow Diosimas for $25

    The actual plants are in the picture. They are mature and there are 5 available at $25 each. A friend who is a horti said they are difficult to propagate and nurseries are always looking for them. It is a waste otherwise, make an offer if you are interested. BTW let me know if this is...
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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Christmas has really sneaked up on me this year!! What is everyone having on their Christmas menu? I have organised seafood from a friend who is a fishmonger. There is a huge leg of ham in my fridge waiting to be glazed - I am a little scared that there is too much food. A leg of lamb for...
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    Does anyone have one? Or is my friends list on FB filled with a few too many rich ladies? I keep hearing of people rave about it. But I already have a KitchenAid, Stick blender thingee and whatever else I want including a couple of microplanes. Will it end up sitting in the bottom shelf like...
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    Rate notice time again

    I just received it in the mail this morning (working from home today :p) Anyone else feeling WHATTT I just paid it not too long ago?!?!
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    Werribee VIC Air Con Servicing

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone here can recommend a ducted Air Con service person?
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    Yay to being his own boss

    Thank you to the OP who started a thread on SS coffee lounge a few months back about buying a Jims Mowing franchise. I told my other half that he should do this (not buy a franchise but start a biz) a few years ago. I got him really angry for whatever reason. Of course a few years later, he...
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    Businesses that use Gmail instead of their own domain

    I advertised on gumtree (probably Australia's dodgiest site LOL) for VA/Freelance assistant services. I was emailed by someone from Sydney at 3 in the morning (this was the time stamp) saying he was a private recruiter with 20 over years of experience. This was his number and his mobile and...
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    Can't believe these scammers

    A friend of mine is expecting to rent a 1bedder in Sydney CBD for less than $300. Yes I know!! But anyway.. she contacted this listing which was perfect for $270 pw and advertised as modern with study ra ra ra.. the works. This is the response... I think what's worst is I know people would...
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    Fridge Fridge Fridge

    Does anyone have a bottom mount fridge? (freezer at bottom) I am down to a Kelvinator fridge. Freezer at the top model is $160 cheaper and slightly more energy efficient. Everything else is exactly the same except the top mount is 10litres bigger. Is it worth shelling out for the bottom...
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    I'm devastated ring & watch stolen

    Deleted Opps.. sorry for spam. He was just careless, it fell out of his bag under the desk?!!?!?!?!?!? :eek:
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    Decking & Council Approval

    Ok this is driving me crazy. Pardon me for asking in SS rather than calling City of Banyule. It's Saturday and I am confused. I have quotes from 5 people regarding building a deck at the rear of my house. All of them have said I do not need council approval then shrug and said I'll get one if...
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    Cats in Ikea! ROFL Ikea releases 100 cats into their store. Pussy Galore!
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    Social Media Networks

    Guys, do you use Social Media networks to promote your small business? Mr Lamington's new job is wine sales after struggling for many many years at the other hand. Vineyard work, low pay long hours and no hope in hell for any increase. Especially after Melbourne's awful 40 degree heatwave week...
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    What a difference colour of paint does!

    Hey everyone, I thought people will be loving this change of wall colour. It was green throughout I like green but.. green green green and yellow ceilings ... Before - Bathroom Before - Kitchen Before - Lounge/Dining Before - Bedroom