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  1. Soren Lorenson

    property website utils???

    guys and gals, do you know of any interesting or web based tools for integrating and analysing property stats from the main websites. i came across across this website that has a very nice feature but unfortunately its not setup for domain or
  2. Soren Lorenson

    Genuine Enquiry from Agent???

    see attached, we've gotten a few of these in recent months, its a popular agent in Melbourne, Personally my opinion is: Sales are down and they will try any tactic to get more volume in the books The interested party is anyone at all what do you think do you get these too?
  3. Soren Lorenson

    Westpac shows record profit how can this be in the current climate?? eehhhh duh! the banks are in the business of making money, and they are pretty good at it. its the people mortgaged to the eyeballs on struggle street that pay for the...
  4. Soren Lorenson

    Single Mums with kids

    this might open up a can or worms Is it discriminatory to refuse a rental property to a single mum application with kids on centrelink? are you asking for trouble renting to a high risk tenant (In my opinion) any advices? on what basis can you refuse?
  5. Soren Lorenson

    Picket Fence Letterboxes

    Bought one of these in bunnings as the old wooden one is rotting away, funny thing is it didn't come with any fixings, its the same size/shape as the other one and fits in between 2 palings that are cut but its a bit loose and could just fallout, Calling all DIY experts here, what do i need...
  6. Soren Lorenson

    Melbourne Private Schools

    anyone here have a link to published info/results on private schools in melbourne? i have some information from the local ragazine, that shows the private schools in Whitehorse generally outperforming the gubberment schools, I know academic scores are not everything, but i'm wondering if...
  7. Soren Lorenson

    Median Price Comparison - Australian Property Monitors Vs. REIV

    There seems to be quite a large disparity between both sources for example. i'm concentrating on melbourne here: all median prices, all houses samples: first number REIV, (second in brackets APM) third is % difference based on APM value Altona 505K (380K) 45% Hawthorn 1220K...
  8. Soren Lorenson

    Aussie Banks subprime rises

    Dear all, can anyone help to fill in the following details, nab was the first to move and raised its rates by 0.12%, ANZ followed a few days later raising to 0.20% what did the others do? NAB 0.12% ANZ 0.20% Westpac ? CBA ?
  9. Soren Lorenson

    melbourne up 25% in 2007!
  10. Soren Lorenson

    Joint Proprietors Vs. Tenants in Common

    After buying our first IP recently we have to option of going with joint proprietors or tenants-in-common, i've bought the IP with my partner, we are not married but been living together for 5 or 6 years now. The loan is in both our names. my question to all the experts is: Which option...
  11. Soren Lorenson

    Birds Nesting in the wrong place!!

    hello all, i'm looking for any advice/comments on our situation, i've noticed a couple of birds hanging around outside our house they seem to fly away from a section of our roof whenever i walk outside. They are indian minahs, so i'm told. anyway i thought they're building a nest...
  12. Soren Lorenson

    Bipolar Auctioneer

    never seen it before in me life how crazy is this guy, no messing about
  13. Soren Lorenson

    depreciation on old IP with recent extension

    Hi all, we recently bought an IP, thats a 1950 weatherboard but has recently (2004) had an extension built, the cost of the extension was about 60K from the documents in the section 32. Can this be depreciated over the next few years? is it wise to get an expert to do this? from a tax...