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    What doors are best for internal opening?

    We recently installed bifolds between a bedroom and study, and got the panels with the frosted glass. They look great, take up hardly any space and we are very happy with them. You can also choose between having them closed, one open or two open.
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    Landscaping with artificial grass

    I'm voting for disliking artificial grass. I've seen the new stuff, all the display homes around Melbourne are doing it because we're having water restrictions, but you can still tell it's fake. The colour just doesn't look right. I think the paving and drought resistant plants is a good...
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    Bathroom reno advice needed!

    Do you mean the 2 person spa, David, with the shower head over one end? Or the 1 person spa with separate shower? As the cottage is self-contained, it only has one bathroom, so it's not an ensuite.
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    Bathroom reno advice needed!

    Thanks, David... does that mean that a bathroom reno will generally add only $2000 to sale price? (Hardly seems worth doing...)
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    Bathroom reno advice needed!

    Does having a separate shower affect selling price at all? (As this is our main priority.)
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    Bathroom reno advice needed!

    We have an IP that we are currently running as a B&B. The bathroom is in desperate need of an overhaul but we need advice. Our 1st priority is to improve resale value. Our 2nd priority is to entice guests. The bathroom currently has shower, bath, vanity. There is a toilet adjoining and...