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    Make company startup costs deductible with LOC?

    Hi, I have searched the forum without any luck. I am in the process of setting up a company as a side project to my current job. As there are costs in doing so, I want to be able to make these costs deductible from Day 1. Things like accountant fees, lawyers, etc etc. As I'd prefer to...
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    Body Corporate Management Fess on late payment.

    Can someone tell me if the BC Management company can charge additional fees that aren't set out in the AGM? I am in the situation where I was 2 weeks late (for the first time ever) on paying my levies due to unforeseen circumstances. I paid the levies asap without the need for a reminder...
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    Brisbane Small Lot Building Permits.

    Hi, I'm about to do some renos in my PPOR and as it turns out it's on a small lot. It's 809m2, but only has an average width of less than 15m being 10m*80m. It turns out I may be in luck being on a small Lot as a lot of council permits are not required. Can someone shed some light on...
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    Scammed into signing over house

    OK, before I even start I will point out how idiotic this situation is, but hey it's happened. Our neighbours mother has signed over her house to "a long time friend" who went and mortgaged the house, and then declared bankrupt. As a result, the bank is knocking on the door, and given...
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    Tenant did a runner. PM took 7 weeks.

    Hi, I've had my first tenant do a runner. The IP recently became vacant, and was filled straight away. The tenant did the usual thing and paid 2 weeks rent, and bod etc etc. Then it all went pear shaped. It turns out that they broke up, and both decided to move out without contacting...
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    To dig or not to dig!

    Hi, I'm just after a little info. I have bought a new PPOR and downstairs is a 6 car garage that is 230cm high. I would like to build in rooms downstairs, so will have to find 100mm some how. The slab is good under the house and it's already on steel struts. Do I dig out the 100mm, or...
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    Selling Mature Palm Trees

    I have just bought a new PPOR and there are two (massive) Royal Palms and unfortunately they are to close to the house and cause all sorts of issues. It seems such a shame to lop them. Is there a market for selling them at all, as they are beautiful trees?
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    Electricity for Building & Pest

    I've signed a contract on a House with 7 days to get the Building and Pest done. The place has been empty for a few months so the electricity is disconnected. (and not just at the mains) My question is, should I be connecting the electricity before the building and pest is done? If so what...
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    Tennants constantly behind in Rent

    I'm relatively new to the game and have had a tenant in one of my IP's for a little over a year, and they are constantly behind in rent. This month they are 7 weeks behind. I am always onto my PM for a please explain, and the tenants eventually pay up the missing rent, but it's never in...
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    My first IP (and post)

    Hello all. I've been lurking here a while and have found this forum very helpfull. I have just signed a contract on the following appartment and thought I'd better find out that I haven't done the completely wrong thing while I still have a cooling off period...