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    Metro Property Management

    Has anyone in here use Metro Property Management? As they are different from most Real estate Agents (only have 1 office but servicing properties from everywhere around melbourne), I just wondering how are their services? Can anybody share their experiences with Metro Property Management?
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    Tax Deduction on joint IP

    Hi all, I have a question and need some inputs from you all. This is my first IP. Currently it is under joint name as husband and wife (not settle yet but the settlement will be around end of nevember or early december as it is new building). Regarding the tax deduction under joint name...
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    IP in Caravan Park

    Hi guys, I just wondering about IP in Caravan Park, and want to know about your opinion. Does any one has 1 or more IP in Caravan Park? Can you share a bit here? Thanks, Chara
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    Accountant in south east melbourne

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good accountant around carnegie, caulfield, bentleigh, chadstone, malvern or anywhere close to the area? My tax will be complicated as I have 2 part time jobs and own a business plus have an IP and I need a good accountant to work this out. Thanks. Chara.
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    PPOR Duty concession

    Eligibility requirements If you entered into a contract to purchase your home on or after 1 January 2007, you may be entitled to the PPR concession if you: use the property as your PPR within 12 months of becoming entitled to possession of the property (which usually occurs at settlement)...
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    Hi, if I buy an IP as my first property, Do I loose my FHOG or will I be able to get my FHOG when I purchase my first PPOR?
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    Port Folio

    Hi, I am still learning. Can anyone tell me what is the purpose of port folio? Do we have to make our own port folio or is it registered straight away when we buy an IP? And what kind of information is in the port folio? Thanks.