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    Profit from Property

    Phillip Congratulation on the book. If the book is as well structured and thoughtful as your experienced and informative posts on this forum it will be well worth the read. I am not tight so I will just buy the book and review.:D Now for the issue at hand. Restricting access to a property...
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    Subdividing and building two

    Suburb or next to it would be nice. Holding costs? IF you think it is going to be marginal the bad news is costs always blow out even if it is by small amount (x2). Hold on to it if you can afford to or sell if you can not. No harm done. Alternatively just do the development and learn from...
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    Fence Woes

    Well I sent the neighbour by registered mail a letter along with the "Fences and the Law" booklet by the Legal Services Commission of SA. Highlighted the relevant sections about him not getting my authorisation and the fact I do not have to pay. I also highlighted the fact that I can be due for...
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    Fence Woes

    Thanks everybody. I know I am in the right. Just pissed off that he was abrupt to my wife in the store and then abusive to me just near my store in the shopping centre where we have been trading for over eight years. It is not a good look. Hell I was even contemplating paying the guy as...
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    Roof painting for cooling

    Yes it does work well on surfaces that radiate the heat from the roof through to the ceiling. But there is a easier way to reduce the UV heat transfer. Put a layer of foil insulation under the gal roof, you only need a 50mm gap. The foil will re radiate the heat. Cheaper and when the fiasco with...
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    Fence Woes

    Hi, About two years ago my neighbour pulled down 20mtrs of 1.5mtrs high fence in good condition and replaced it with a 20mtrs of 2.0m high colorbond fence. He did not contact me by phone or mail even though my details are available from the council and the tenants. About six weeks ago...
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    Tenants... they just dont get it

    Am I missing something...unless the law is different in Vic...they do not have a up the rent to say about $450/week if they stay good (cash flow fixed), if they leave good (sell). Look around your area you will find supporting evidence at your local RE office or the internet for...
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    Metro Adelaide

    Ridgehaven probably not. Pooraka - no problems. Just do not look on the net or Saturdays tiser:):) Clubbie
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    Blue card...just wondering how did he go with his margining in January 08? Clubbie