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    Builder won't fix problems

    Hi all, I have a unfolding issue that I hope some of the RE old hands might be able to assist with. I purchased an IP off the plan that settled over nine months ago. At the three month mark, several significant warranty issues with the building were discovered and issued to the builder...
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    Builder's Warranty -SA

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone might be able to help me. I have an IP that settled six months ago and there are some issues with fittings and a wall that need to be fixed. I am on the road at the moment and don't have access to the paperwork; can anyone advise what the standard lengths (if...
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    Ambushed with a heritage listing

    Hi everyone, I have an interesting situation unfolding and I thought I would post it here to see if anyone has any experience/advice/comments to add. Thanks in advance if anyone contributes... Several months ago my wife and I purchased our PPOR, which we are about to move in to...
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    Property sold, tenant difficult

    Hi there, have a situation unfolding at the moment. We have sold a tenanted IP with six months to run on the lease, the tenant has been rather difficult and gave notice that they were leaving. They left the house with one month's notice...they believe they do not have to pay any more...