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  1. Monty Burns

    Sophisticated Investor certificate

    Has anyone been registered for a 'Sophisticated Investor' certificate? Just wondering what if any benefits there may be or otherwise.
  2. Monty Burns finding new entries

    Hi, Is it possible to do a search on a suburb or post code in but only find the new entries? I have tried doing a word search but it that doesn't work.
  3. Monty Burns

    Property Renovation business

    we have a few rental properties and have recently started renovation projects. We got advice that for tax purposes we should do this as a business. Just wondering whether CGT provisions apply to properties if they are part of a business effectively treated as trading stock?
  4. Monty Burns

    Mining towns I hope no one is looking at Buying in qld mining towns. Looks like the price and rent returns Are set to drop if they go ahead With the planned building
  5. Monty Burns

    What options are open to me.

    I have a 30 acre block of land that has been on the market for 2 years in that time I have accepted 3 offers that have all fallen through for what ever reason. The block of land is ~20min drive from Canberra in Carwoola, there is no property on the land. I have been trying to sell it to free...
  6. Monty Burns

    marriage proposals

    I was at Toronga zoo yesterday when during the bird show a guy had the lady doing the show help him propose to his girlfriend using one of the galahs to give her the ring. she was picked out to show that the galah could take a gold coin from her hand and then had the bird give it back to her...
  7. Monty Burns

    If a meteor hits your house is it yours?

    Interestingly enough there is argument although admitedly the house in question is a rental
  8. Monty Burns

    Feral Neighbours

    I have just been told that my tenants are breaking the lease after 4 months because of the next door neighbours. My last tenants only lasted a year before they moved out apparently they wanted a place with a pool so I don't know if they had any problems with the neighbours. I don't have the...
  9. Monty Burns

    Interesting News for Northern Qld

    This could prove interesting for properties in the Bowen area if it gets the go ahead. Add that to project boomerang and the area would be worth getting in early.
  10. Monty Burns

    Adelaide Surge

    Good news for those that invest in Adelaide,22606,25724856-5006301,00.html
  11. Monty Burns

    The Story Thus Far....

    My flatmate totally lost it today with our real estate agent.... Thus far we have rented a place in the high end of Canberra in October last year. so far in that 9 months we have had the owners do 3 inspections and the realestate agent do 1. In the house we have had to have a number of...
  12. Monty Burns

    Todays Dilbert

  13. Monty Burns

    New House - Costs

    I have a large block of land just outside of Canberra. With all of the interest rate drops we have had it may be the time to build a house on the block to rent out. Selling it hasn't worked. Having never built a house how does one work out a budget for the house??? What costs would need to...
  14. Monty Burns

    Change in Qld rental rules,23739,24744253-3102,00.html The rules are a changing in Qld. "Under the new laws rent increases can only be imposed six-monthly, rent bidding is outlawed and the notice period to terminate a tenancy at the end of a fixed term without grounds has...
  15. Monty Burns

    US - National Debt Clock Hows this the US National Debt has grown so much that a clock put up in 1989 to display the US national debt has run out of characters. It will be replaced next year with a clock that will display a quadrillion dollars...
  16. Monty Burns

    Bank Valuations

    What recourse is there when bank valuations come back substantially lower than what the local RE market is selling similar houses for??? we're not talking about 10k or so but a 6 figure sum. most of the reno work was not in the report and it was valued against 3 bed room houses instead of...
  17. Monty Burns

    Taking the plunge

    I think it is time to finally take the plunge!! I have just been notified that the owners of the house I am renting want it back. One of the pitfalls of renting. At least they gave us 6 weeks notice. My plan was to keep renting while I buy more IPs. After a couple of moves and the pain...
  18. Monty Burns

    Novel way to get a new IP

    Here is a novel way to get a new IP in Perth - ebay Guy is selling his life on ebay which includes a house, car, items in the house etc etc. Currently the bidding is $300k in Wellard WA Do your DD it may be a way to get a...
  19. Monty Burns

    Frustrating - Contract Cancelled

    I have just been notified that a unit that I brought off the plan in Moranbah has had the contract cancelled by the developer. :mad: It was a property that from my DD would have had very good returns as well as CG. Even more so as I brought the unit when the dropped the price 50k over xmas...
  20. Monty Burns

    Lease Back

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I am looking to buy my first purpose bought IP. I have found one I like in a high growth area with good returns. It is a house that a builder has built but wants to lease back for 18months with the option of a further 1 after that at 7%. to me this...