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    Mid to Lower Blue Mountains NSW

    Would anyone have an idea of expected yield on retail buildings in this area. I am looking but not sure what yield is good or bad for this area?
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    Sale of pre 1985 retail property

    I am I right in thinking that proceeds from the sale of a pre 1985 property will not be taxable at all?
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    Where to eat around Maroochydore?

    We are celebrating DH 60th at the coast soon with 14 others. Any recommendations for a nice place for dinner?
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    What would you do?

    I have a retail/resi premise in which I have a 1/4 share with siblings. As I am now over 60 I wondered about setting up a SMSF and selling my share (tenants in common) to it. When I declare myself fully retired earnings would be tax free. My share would be about $400k. Would it be worth the...
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    Mortgage broker Hervey Bay

    Does anyone know a good mortgage broker who operates in the Hervey Bay area?
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    Builder's handover

    I Have employed a builder to construct some units and it is now coming up to the point of handover. What checks do I need to make before I make the final payment? I have done a walkthrough and checked lights, paintwork etc but any advice appreciated.
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    Question for Mortgage brokers

    My broker has asked me to sign a form that says we agree to reimbursing their lost commission from the bank if we sell or refinance our property within 2 years of the start of the loan. Is this normal and are banks putting that pressure on the brokers?
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    Mentor - Dip of Fin. planning

    Anyone have any comments on this service provider? And what would be the best entry course into financial planning?
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    Profit calculation on property sale

    Can't locate anywhere on this forum a method for working out your net profit on a unit sale as a developer. I am looking for something which includes in the calculation the treatment of gst, the margin scheme, taxation as normal income and items which can be included in the cost base when...
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    Long settlement

    I am selling newly built units which are still in the process of being stratatitled. I am selling one this financial year and wanting to sell the next one July 2014 to help with tax. I am getting off the plan contracts drawn up. I am marketing both at the same time. My RE has suggested I...
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    What to invest in for 87 yr old

    I know the answer to my question is to "see a financial advisor" but I would also appreciate some wisdom from those who have been there done that. Our mum is in high care with dementia and we have just sold her PPOR - a unit. We now have to invest approx $350k on her behalf. She will be...
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    agents commission on commercial

    What commission should you pay a selling agent for commercial retail worth about 2mill?
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    Bathroom set ups

    I would be interested to hear peoples' thoughts/experiences on bathroom setups and their effects on both renting and selling. We are about to construct a triplex in a mixed unit/housing area and are close to a university. They will be 2x1x1 units. We are not sure about the bathroom...
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    Cost of discretionary trust

    Can someone give me some indication of the cost of setting up a trust? We have had a trust since 1997 and hold properties in this structure but now need to set up another trust for future holdings as we have passed the land tax threshold. We will need to transfer a couple of properties into...
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    Breaking fixed loan

    We have a fixed loan on $185k @ 6.33% until March 2015. I am tempted to break the fixed loan. The payout figure today would be about $4400. I could refix for 12 months @4.85%. According to my cals I would be ahead. If I left it on variable I would be paying 5.13% at today's rate with ANZ...
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    BC building insurance in settlement figures

    When selling a duplex unit in Qld do you calculate the portion the buyer needs to pay for the prepaid BC building insurance just as you do for land and water rates and include it in the settlement figures?
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    Increasing rent to sell property

    I have notified rental agency that I don't want to renew a fixed term lease with our tenant. We want it to be a periodic lease as we are putting the property on the market. The tenant has come back saying yes okay with them and they want to pay $10 more in rent to secure their tenancy. That got...
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    contract with long settlement date

    My tenant would like to purchase my unit. I would like a contract now which I can present to the back to enable me to get finance for another project. The tenant says they are able to put a deposit on the unit but couldn't settle until late in the year or even early next year. Is this a...
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    outgoings for a retail tenant

    Could someone tell me what outgoings a retail tenant should pay for? I understand land tax is the landlord's responsibility.
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    Dux Endurance 26 bottled gas hot water system

    This system has been included in a quote from my builder for our hot water system. Problem is reviews on google are quite scathing. We are building IPs and want something efficient and reliable but not too costly. One needs to service a 2 bed unit and another a three bed ensuite unit. Any...