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    Problem with Brisbane Council -- New Driveway and Tree

    Hi All, I demolished the house and start to build 1 house on each of the lots. Now I have a problem for one of the houses. There is a Jacaranda (street tree) in front of the block. I lodged a driveway application to council and was told I need to get approval from council tree section. The...
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    Brisbane Concretor needed to do new house slabs

    Hi all, I am looking for a good concretor to do 2 new house slab close to Brisbane CBD. Need the experience of waffle pot slab. Cheers William
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    Brisbane Pool Builders Wanted

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a Brisbane swimming pool builder. Also your thoughts on the size of the pools. 455sqm blocks land width is 10 m. I am thinking to put in something around 3x8m. Thanks. Cheers William
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    Brisbane Pool Builders Wanted Recommendation

    Hi Everyone, I am looking for a Brisbane swimming pool builders. Any recommendations? Anyone to avoid? 2 pools at 3x8m. Thanks. Cheers William
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    Brisbane Surveyor Recommendation Needed

    Hi All, I have a 2 lots block and need a surveyor before the architect can finalise the house plans. Property is close to Brisbane CBD. Thanks. Cheers William
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    Recommendation for Brisbane Tree Loppers

    Hi everyone, I need to get a couple of trees removed from the property 6km to city centre. Can anyone provide me some contact for the tree loppers in Brisbane? Thanks in advance Cheers Canberran
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    Recommendations needed for swimming pool contractors Brisbane

    Hi, I am looking for the recommendations for the following trades: Location: St Lucia (2 small lots constructions) Private certifiers, Surveyors Swimming pool contractors, Bobcat Excavator Demolition companies Drainers Electrician, and any trades you can recommend. Any...
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    House for Free Brisbane

    Hi all, Free post war house. 3 bedrooms. Contact: Cheers William
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    House needs to be removed in Brisbane

    Hi all, I have a house to be removed in St Lucia, Brisbane and vacate the land for new houses. 3 beds Tin roof Post 46 Constructions Fair condition Any suggestions?? Options so far: Someone comes along and remove it for me Move to a vacant block near Brisbane and sell the...
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    House Removal in St Lucia QLD

    I have a house to be removed. Anyone have any idea to handle this? Where I can advertise to get it sold? Also have a few trees to remove at the back of the house. Any recommendation on a good and well priced arborist? Thanks Cheers William
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    Architect recommendation for St Lucia (2 lots)

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good architect for 2 lots at St Lucia? Thanks in advance. Cheers William
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    Interstate Buying in Brisbane

    Hi all, Currently looking at Brisbane market. I have a few questions to ask. What need to be aware before the auction? Who is doing building inspection report, buyer or seller? Recommendation for conveyancing company. Transaction cost, where to get the more information. How to find out...
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    Insurance policy for Unit Titled Dual Occupancy in ACT

    Hi all, Just wonder whether someone can recommend me an insurance co. who insure 2 units on one block and unit titled in ACT. Thanks in advance Cheers Canberran
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    How much capital gain tax payable in this case?

    One IP bought @400k (big block with an existing house) 2 years ago. Built a new property at the rear of the house. Owner moved in as soon as the building completed. Building cost $220k. After 6 months, the owner sold the new house for $450k. and keep the front one as an investment...
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    Dual Occupancy - How to Calculate the Cost Base?

    Hi all, We have a dual occupancy block and are in the process of subdivision. Purchase price is $400k for the whole block. We keep the existing one and build one at the back. The total cost of DA, building, and etc will be about 300k. 1. The formula to calculate the cost base. (What is...
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    Urgent Help - Building Insurance Cover

    Hi all, We have an IP with a granny flat. the main house and granny flat rent out separately under 2 contracts. We talked to most of the major insurance companies and were told they will not provide insurance in these circumstances. To make things simple, we only asked the building...