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  1. Yerfdog

    Rental Condition Report samples

    My PM's report are very thorough with pictures and normally about 4-5 pages at least. I found this samples on the net you might want to have a look, I would say these samples are min. standard.
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    PM wants to take rent out of bond

    Not sure which state you are in, but you should be able to find something like that in your state. A landlord can ask for a security bond in advance to cover any costs...
  3. Yerfdog

    Is this PM greedy or what?

    I rather not say. They are already charging their clients like lawyers, they might sue me like lawyers for damages, too. Already did that before before I post this thread, and their response was, sorry, we can't make any chances to our fees.
  4. Yerfdog

    Is this PM greedy or what?

    Both in Metro
  5. Yerfdog

    Holiday home rental - how to offer a wireless hotspot to guests

    Have you thought of prepaid?
  6. Yerfdog

    Is this PM greedy or what?

    I think end up WA investors will still be better off to have their properties managed by Eastern states PM, even buying you a few return flights to do routine inspections.
  7. Yerfdog

    Is this PM greedy or what?

    Unfortunately self managed could be easy for others but definitely not my cup of tea, don't really have the time and energy to deal rental issues. I rather to have some professional running the business for me and I pay them a fair amount.
  8. Yerfdog

    Is this PM greedy or what?

    Actually it is 9.35% including GST of gross rent. Yep, I am moving to another PM. Funny that after I notified them that I am leaving due to their fees and not valuing me as a loyal client (I used their buying agency service as well), they told me that I have to give them 28 days...
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    Is this PM greedy or what?

    I just received a management agreement renewal notice from my PM who are currently managing my two IPs, and almost fell off the chair after reading their fees. The sad thing is I have been with them for years and they said these fees are not negotiable. What do you think? I won't name and...
  10. Yerfdog

    Which property magazines do you subscribe?

    Hi all, My Australian Property Investor subscription is ending next month and wondering should I renew the subscription or subscribe to Your Investment Property magazine. How about you? If you only have a choice to subscribe one of them, which one do you pick? Reasons welcome. Thanks.
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    Recommendation for a good pm in East Perth, Perth, Mount Lawley Area

    Well....the good PM has left Momentum and the current one really sux. Doesnt know how important it is to get his clients inform.
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    What happens when a fixed IO loan expires...

    I think you might have forgotten what you signed. Just refer back to your original fixed loan document which you signed years ago, it would state clearly what should have happened after the fix period expires. Even for variable I/O loan for 30 years, the loan doc would state I/O for the first...
  13. Yerfdog

    Sunday Times 2008 WA Property Guide

    Sorry Guys, looks like Sunday Times has not updated the PDF yet, they are still 06/07 igures. Full story @,21598,24518835-5016557,00.html
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    Sunday Times 2008 WA Property Guide

    Hi Folks, Here is the Sunday Times 2008 WA Property Guide
  15. Yerfdog

    Recommendation for a good pm in East Perth, Perth, Mount Lawley Area

    I am using Momentum Wealth with my 2 IP and happy with them.
  16. Yerfdog

    Gold Coast prices

    Herron Todd White suggested GC is in a declining market since a couple of months ago. However, I am sure you will do well if you hold for long term.
  17. Yerfdog

    New 4 Sale 4 Investors site

    Hi All, Not sure if anyone posted this already, I could not find any related topic via search. Just read an article introduce this new site, this site contains some new development projects ready for sale and also a few useful calculators for investors...
  18. Yerfdog

    Landlord Insurance

    I use EBM (, very reasonable and friendly service. I also use AON for one of my IP, and made a claim before due to fire damage. Claim process was quick and efficient.
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    Radius maps??

    Great Tool!!! Great Topic!!!
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    Interview request: Gold & Sunshine Coasts

    Hi Ana, Have you written any previous articles for API? If so, which issues and titles? Thanks.