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  1. WillG

    When is enough?

    Is this ABS data?
  2. WillG

    When is enough?

    ?The secret to happiness is not found in seeking more but developing the capacity to enjoy less? - Socrates
  3. WillG

    South coast nsw

    What spots 'Far South' are you referring to? Bermagui is a long way south - perhaps Mollymook, Batemans Bay to Moruya ...
  4. WillG

    Anyone after a bargain?

    Probably around $1m per year depending on the deposit and how low you can negotiate the rate on the loan I suspect stamp duty would be sizable
  5. WillG

    On retirement

    I plan to fund retirement with some rental income, some dividend income from shares, some cash in cash investments providing interest income, selling some rental properties over the years to balance portfolio, superannuation income/annuity becoming available after reaching preservation...
  6. WillG

    A way to avoid paying land tax?

    What's his website address?
  7. WillG

    My portfolio

    You have done well so far. I don't generally like units/villas but they work for others and you have done well. Selling one or two and diversifying into something else (cash, index funds, house's somewhere else) could reduce your overall risks and increase cashflow - this could help you...
  8. WillG

    Financial Planner

    What concerns you about her financial well being? Playing devils advocate:- Why is property the right solution for her?
  9. WillG

    How soon can you realistically retire?

    Do you have a family - partner & kids yet? That may well change your plans. Where did you get the $100k pre tax income amount from? Is that in todays dollars? Do you plan on only rental income to provide that?
  10. WillG

    Am I a tight a$$, am I doing it wrong?

    I will rephrase your question to "If everybody only consumed what they needed what would happen?" * Everybody would buy less crap * Everybody wouldn't be as wastefull with energy * There would be less landfill * The economy would change/adapt
  11. WillG

    Where is the residential Building cycle currently at?

    Hi, Don't take this the wrong way but you have just joined the forum and are asking very general questions that have no definite answer. As a suggestion ... if you provide some details about yourself, what you are trying to achieve and where you think the market is at you may get get some...
  12. WillG

    My Story... So far... (Somersoft Diary)

    Can you operate a spreadsheet? If not, can you learn? Can you read and write? Are you prepared to spend some time reading the forum? If you answer yes to the questions you will be fine - give yourself time to abosrb the information.
  13. WillG

    Buying acreage, what do I need to know and check? Please help, I'm scared!!

    If you intend on building a house to live in you should have a very good idea of the house site and an indication if the coucil will approve the house site. Is the land level? How does the land drain? Is the land in a flood zone? if you are putting dog kennels in I suspect you would want...
  14. WillG

    retirement strategy

    Right on. Why wait 5 years to retire!
  15. WillG

    retirement strategy

    Sell your ppor Buy a new ppor for $500k Put $590k into the offsets of your ip's You should have zero debts at this point Save $100k per year for the next 5 years - your ip income & wages should make this readily achievable Put extra cash into term deposits or shares under your wifes name to...
  16. WillG

    Financially smart or dumb?

    Perhaps some of the people living in the swanky hotels are able to claim it is a business expense or at least a large proportion of it
  17. WillG

    Is it ok to pay my tax bill with LOC?

    Just to clarify ... the tax you are talking about is Income Tax. I believe you could conceivably 'capitalise' land tax payments and claim the associated interest. Happy to be corrected
  18. WillG

    Early retirement extreme

    The concepts in these blogs are good however you need to find your own way. Only buy stuff you NEED, sell all the stuff you don't currently use, downsize your house and you can probably retire NOW!
  19. WillG

    Hands up for those nearing Financial Freedom

    I have approached financial freedom within 12 months several times but always seem to buy another IP or increase the $$'s needed to be finacially free. The question I always seem to grapple with is ... How much is enough?
  20. WillG

    Upgrading PPOR in top end blue chip suburbs?

    Another option ... rent in blue chip areas and hold IP's in other areas. Get the landlord to pay huge rates and landtax while you rent at 3.5% of the value of the property