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  1. Monty Burns

    Sophisticated Investor certificate

    Sanj, Thanks for sharing. Where do you start looking for these types of investments?
  2. Monty Burns

    Sophisticated Investor certificate

    Sophisticated Investor it is real It doesn't actually mean knowledge in investing but more about cash flow.
  3. Monty Burns

    Sophisticated Investor certificate

    Has anyone been registered for a 'Sophisticated Investor' certificate? Just wondering what if any benefits there may be or otherwise.
  4. Monty Burns finding new entries

    Hi, Is it possible to do a search on a suburb or post code in but only find the new entries? I have tried doing a word search but it that doesn't work.
  5. Monty Burns

    Bunnings or Ikea Kitchen?

    I have done a number of kitchen renos. A wise interior designer told me that out of Bunnings and Ikea kitchens always go the Ikea. We have just done a full reno on a house and have used the Ikea kitchen apart from a few trips from Canberra to Sydney to fix up some ordering mistakes are very...
  6. Monty Burns

    Has my email address been breached or hacked?

    I own my own domain name and when ever I am to provide an email address I create one for the purpose such as so if i start seeing spam I can quickly work out who is doing it. currently I have had only one company complain about me having their name in my email address, which...
  7. Monty Burns

    Joke Thread

    I didn't think it was that bad :(
  8. Monty Burns

    Searching Google for Somersoft Threads??

    the other good search to do is <search term> site:au to only return sites hosted in australia
  9. Monty Burns

    Property Renovation business

    we have a few rental properties and have recently started renovation projects. We got advice that for tax purposes we should do this as a business. Just wondering whether CGT provisions apply to properties if they are part of a business effectively treated as trading stock?
  10. Monty Burns

    the unbelievable gall of some ex-tenants

    Auld this be counted as a tax deduction?
  11. Monty Burns

    level entry shower -waterproofing and leakage

    I am renoing my bathroom and was told to paint on 2 layers at right angles to the first layer
  12. Monty Burns

    Google Maps real estate search scrapped.

    If you miss it try using every entry is mapped via google maps and streetview
  13. Monty Burns

    Predictions on the Canberra market

    Another issue that will cause the prices of properties to go up is the Gershin report (sp?). This report stated that all govt depts. get rid of IT contractors and instead hire the contract staff as PS staff. Problem is that now there is a shortage of IT contractors and this will get worse...
  14. Monty Burns

    Tenants mates moved in without approval.

    It wouldn't be DHA it would be LOA (Living out allowance) and is paid by the CO of the unit he is posted to. It would be based on who is living in the property so if he is the only one on the lease he is ripping off the system.
  15. Monty Burns

    Funny / strange wireless names

    Based here in Canberra I named one ASIO_Secure but it wasn't connected to the internet. I remember reading about one guy who caught his neighbour using his wireless so he set it up so that unless you were on a MAC address list all of the websites visited changed fonts to something unreadable...
  16. Monty Burns

    Anyone for Gold Prospecting?

    I go panning around Canberra/ShoalHaven but haven't found any worth while. There used to be a lot of mines in the Canberra regon.
  17. Monty Burns

    Australia: All is good

    Problem is that alot of the extremism is being taught in schools. Where else are you going to find young impressionable mind to mould
  18. Monty Burns

    Facebook - what a great resource

    Not that I use FB all that often just a means to see pics of friends. But my FB page is an alias. And everything is set to private. Wouldn't want people snooping about me on the web.
  19. Monty Burns

    anyone been to Hong Kong Disneyland

    If you're going through HK get an Octopus card. This is what we need over here but the State Govt keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Basically it is a small payment card used on public transport and to buy small things like Maccas, newspapers drinks etc. The other good thing is there is free...
  20. Monty Burns

    Thoughts about building in Armadale, WA

    It would depend on where in Armadale you were looking to build. There are some low income areas where you may have problems. Then there are estates on what used to be the old chook farms and these are just like estates everywhere. You gets what you pay for. The new area of Armadale is just...