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  1. WillG

    for sale "By negotiation"

    Looking for peoples thoughts on properties for sale "By negotiation". Some background, I like the look of a property(on line) with a price "by negotiation". I called the agent and attempted to get a price range for the property but the agent wouldn't give an indication. She insisted I need...
  2. WillG

    Crazy bank servicability calculations

    How would you expect a bank to calculate servicabilty for "person A" where Person A owns half an IP with Person B? A certain bank beginning wth the letter 'W' endng in 'C' does t like this. The bank takes into consideration 75% of 50% of the rental income. The bank counts 100% of the...
  3. WillG

    Property Valuers in ACT

    Hi, I want to get my PPOR valued and have a quote for $440 from a well known valuer HTW- this valuer is used by Westpac. Is this a standard price? Any suggestions for other valuers?
  4. WillG

    When and how often do you refinance?

    I have some IP loans about 5 years old and are thinking about refinancing to release some equity and to negotiate a better rate. I figure "delayed establishement fees" won't come into the equation because the loans are about 5 years old. What are some things I should look out for? Should...
  5. WillG

    Cigarette stains on ceiling

    Hi, I have a tenant who is a heavy smoker who smokes inside the property (he is a good tenant, always pays on time and never causes issues - he is quite open about smoking inside the property). A recent inspection by myself(I am managing the property) identified the stains on the ceilings in...
  6. WillG

    Tenants in Common: selling half share

    A PPOR is owned outright between husband & wife equally as "tenants in common". Is it legal for the wife to take out a mortgage to buy the husbands share? I assume there would be stamp duty and no CGT
  7. WillG

    Negotiating clauses from contracts

    It is possible or negotiate clauses in contracts between the landlord and property manager? In particular, I want to remove the "sale fee" clause. "Sale Fee: If the property is sold(weather during or after the term of the agreement) to any person who has been a tenant of the property...
  8. WillG

    Are there advantages buying at Auction?

    Is there any advantages for the buyer when buying a property at auction? Any benefits seem to be stacked in favor of the agent and seller.
  9. WillG

    Buying at Auction

    I understand how to buy at Auction and that a 10% deposit is payable immediately after the auction but what happens afterwards?. Is the completion date negotiable? What happens is you cannot pay the remaining 90% by the completion date? When is stamp duty payable? Is it on completion of...
  10. WillG

    Another reason to continue investing

    Pension age to 67. Under changes to the pension age unveiled in the budget, the age at which people qualify will increase at a rate six months every two years, beginning in 2017 and reaching 67 years in 2023. If I was relying on the age pension I will have to wait to retire at 67. Will...
  11. WillG

    depeciation on reverse cycle air conditioner

    Hi, I have a tenant who would like a reverse cycle air conditioner. Can anybody advise what the depreciation on these would be? I have read somewhere it is about 20% per year over 5 years. Is this correct? Also, For a unit costing about $2k installed, how much extra rent would you...
  12. WillG

    who has these $400k mortgages ? If I was a first home owner and had a mortgage of $400k I would have problems paying the mortagage. Does anybody on this form have a $400k mortgage on their...
  13. WillG

    proforma rental increase form

    I have an IP (in NSW) I manage myself and will be raising the rent shortly (giving the tennant 8 weeks written notice). Does anybody have a proforma rental increase document they would be happy to share ?
  14. WillG

    Insurance cover for window breakage ?

    Hi, One of my IP's was broken into recently by way of a brick through a sliding glass door. Is the replacement of the glass something building or landlords insurance would cover ? I will be looking in the policy but would like to hear from anybody with similar experiences ? Cheers
  15. WillG

    Getting a foothold

    Well thoughtout article - IMO The challenge is to get fisrt home buyers to start thinking like this ! Getting a foothold - Your first home doesn't have to be your dream home. - Buy for capital growth to provide an equity springboard. - If you live with your parents, buy an...
  16. WillG

    $6000 tax incentive ...

    Under a $600 million Labor policy to be formally announced today, investors will receive an annual $6000 tax incentive to build 50,000 homes to rent to eligible families at 20 per cent less than the average market rent.,23636,22234631-31037,00.html Why...
  17. WillG

    How do you search for IP's ?

    I've been investing seriously now for about 7 years and have always used the same approach. There are probably better ways to find and analyse potential properties and I would like to hear how everybody else does it. How I find properties. 1. Keep an eye on property web sites for suburbs I...
  18. WillG

    long settlement

    Has anybody requested a longer than normal settlement on a property ? I have requested a 6 month settlement on a property I wish to buy (for various reasons) and need to understand the implications such as ... (I am planning to use a deposit bond for the deposit to reduce costs before...
  19. WillG

    Strategies in a rising market ...

    I am under the impression that a lot of areas such as Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane are currently rising (I understand I am making some generalisations here but you've gotta start somwhere). What are your strategies in a rising market ? * Quick buy'n sells (within 6 months) ? *...
  20. WillG

    Things to look for in Brisbane houses

    Hi, I am new to looking at houses in Brisbane and have some questions that I hope somebody will answer. How important is transport ? Is it worthwhile only looking in suburbs with a train station ? I am looking at properties around 10k's from the city as this seems to be where the $300 -...