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  1. jerky

    Escape room games

    Hi there wanted to share a game place I went to on Friday night...its called Escape room or something like that, there are several game themes to choose from, we chose the Lost Island. The idea is you get locked into a dimmed room, there are lots of clues and puzzles hidden in the room...
  2. jerky

    US Tax Accountant Recommendations?

    Hi all, I have 2 IP's in the US and have been using a "well known" Brisbane-based firm (won't name them here) but have been finding their fees have been increasing disproportionately with CPI and/or the point of rediculousness (ie, $750 for federal return, $385 per state return)...
  3. jerky

    To add a lockup garage or not?

    Hi folks we have been busy reno'ing our place in Northcote, and are not sure what value would a single lockup garage with some roof storage at the rear of the property add? We already have 1 off street park (driveway) but my partner thinks it would be a good selling point to have an actual...
  4. jerky

    Bank paid out wrong loan on settlement

    hi all my Bank mucked up and paid out the wrong loan on settlement of a property I sold. And now I have learned they also have mucked up the offset for the last 8 months, had it pointing at the wrong loan... Obviously I have lodged a dispute with them, it's only been a week since...
  5. jerky

    heater issues - plumber?

    Hi there I have tenants in a house I am planning to knock over in 12 months time, they have complained that the gas heater in the lounge is too noisy, and the pilot light in the ducted unit needs to be reset often (don't know what "often" means) PM got me a quote for $600 to replace fan in...
  6. jerky

    Knox Council sloooooooooowwwww

    Hi all We have just lodged some plans for pre-app approval/comment with Knox Council and it is taking ages to get any feedback. Perhaps I am deluded with ideas that planning departments have SLA's for getting back to people? I can't understand how a department firstly be very inconsistent...
  7. jerky


    Hi all Has anyone done crossfit classes? Having only a short time before the Tough Mudder challenge in Jan (oh why did I sign up for that!!??) I have heard that cross fit is a good way to get fit quickly. Others have mentioned though that it is a fast track to injury and body breakdown due to...
  8. jerky

    architect or draftsperson?

    Hi there Just about to begin feasibility on developing 2x725sqm blocks (side by side) into townhouses and wondering what the difference between using an architect or a draftsperson to do the plans might be? I'm not sure why you would go with an architect (more expensive?) than a draftsperson...
  9. jerky

    Parkville, Vic

    Have been looking around at inner city houses, and found that parkville seems really underpriced considering location and size of block with say compared to Carlton or Fitzroy...this place for example is huge, and is only 900-990k...
  10. jerky

    PPOR to IP and loans?

    Hi all Quick q - Moving out of PPOR (P&I with offset) and making it an IP, not declaring a new PPOR at this stage. Do I need to notify the bank of this change? Does it change the loan? And is it an idea now to move the 3 other IO loans I have on IP's to P&I or should I just leave them...
  11. jerky

    PM recommendation Melb CBD

    Hi guys Anyone got a recommendation for a PM in Melb CBD? Thanks Jerky
  12. jerky

    corporate rentals and 6 year rule

    hi all would like some advice re the 6 year rule, and corporate leasing of apartments: I have to move out of my PPOR apartment (which is in my name only)and go look after/clean out dad's place as he is in hospital and not looking good at all, sadly we think he will pass in the next few...
  13. jerky

    Writing a will and legacy advice..

    Hi all My dad is looking for a recommendation for writing a will, can you suggest a lawyer that can do this in the eastern suburbs? It is probably to be straight forward, however he is also looking for some legacy advice ( gifting etc). Is there a recommendation for a professional that can do...
  14. jerky

    Having a crack

    hey guys, Im not sure if this is the right spot to post, but I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction.. I am planning to have a crack at importing a particular health ingredient in bulk and packaging it for sale here. Currently no one else in Australia sells this...
  15. jerky


    Has anyone else had a pie from Pieface? They're sooooo good, I was thinking of buying a store!
  16. jerky

    Lenders bid for your mortgage I believe its a topic for ACA tonight...Im going to miss it, so I googled up this crowd. I wonder if any of you have any knowledge/experience with this idea? Sounds good to me! cheers jerky :)
  17. jerky

    update on FNQ anyone?

    Hi all Have been reading a couple of things on the up and up for FNQ being increased international flights and the government spending a few bucks on infrastructure, but I was wondering if anyone on the ground up there could give a feel for how things might play out in the next 12 months. I...
  18. jerky

    Inheritance tax?

    Hi all quick question, I am about to receive roughly 40k as part of an inheritance. Is CGT or some other tax applied to this? Thank you all!
  19. jerky

    Warehouse conversions

    Hi Everyone, I was chatting with a realestate agent who has a warehouse for sale. It is zoned industrial 3, without much hope of re-zoning (according to council). The agent said that many of the warehouses in this particular area are in fact inhabitted residentially without council's...
  20. jerky

    Heidelberg West anyone?

    Has anyone invested in this area? Although its a bit far from public transport (train, tram lines), this spot seems to be a good spot for growth. I've noticed some development starting there, and largish blocks seem plentiful. Just wondering what other forumites are snooping in this area :)...