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  1. Milkieboy

    CGT Tax 6 year rule

    Hi All, Hope someone can help clarify the following. I just happened to be reading an API magazine from last year where in the Q and A section it states that if turn your PPOR into an investment property and you do not own a PPOR then it has CGT-free status for up to 6 years. Our...
  2. Milkieboy

    Per Approval and Auctions

    Hi All, I have pre approval for my first IP. Have been reading alot on here that pre approval is not really worth that much and should sign a contract with subject to finance just in case. What do people do when it comes to auctions as there can be no conditions, how do you bid with...
  3. Milkieboy

    Finance Options

    Hi All Just about to buy my first IP. Have spent weeks reading all the threads on here and gaining alot of knowledge. Just want to hear some experienced peoples advice on the following for financing on a sub250k IP, with plans to by IP2 within 12 months and then regularly from then on...
  4. Milkieboy

    When to release the money in IP’s

    Hi All, I am about to start investing in property (should make first IP purchase in next couple of months). I have read a few books and the last 4 months of API magazine. I will be following the stratergy of using equity in PPOR as 20% deposit for IP and fund rest with interest only...