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  1. voigtstr

    weekly, fortnightly or monthly

    Is there, or should there be any preference as to when the tenant pays their rent? I would have thought having it tied to a day or two after the tenant's pay date would be the most beneficial for getting the rent on time (especially if they are coached as to how to set up a direct debit). We...
  2. voigtstr

    depreciation question

    Hi there, We're buying a a 1983 brick 3 br house worth 270K. It has a renovated bathroom and kitchen. We only plan to rent it for 2-3 years before moving into it ourselves. The house is this one...
  3. voigtstr

    invested forums

    Did Sim break the forums at
  4. voigtstr

    planning on investing

    My wife and I are currently living in a our 2 bedroom unit in Hobart. We bought it for 180k at the start of 2006. Our neighbours have just sold their very similar unit for 200k (settling during July 2007). In the coming years we would like to buy a larger PPOR and rent out the unit...