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  1. mysrh

    Gosnells WA

    Hi guys What is your view on Gosnells area? Planning to buy a property to live in then renting it out in 3 - 5 years.
  2. mysrh

    Recommendation for Property Valuer - Perth

    Hi everybody I am in need to have a property valuer for title transfer. Can I have suggestion whom to go to in Perth? Does the valuer need to be a sworn valuer? Thanks in advance
  3. mysrh

    Management Fees - Perth, WA

    Hi guys Bought a house in Mt Pleasant, Perth lately, was planning to live in it but will lease it for at least a year. Never bought a property in Perth before hence I don't really know if the management fees I was given is normal for Perth standard I got below fees from the real estate...
  4. mysrh

    Ikea, Home Master, Bunnings

    Heya people I'm planning to add a new kitchen. I was thinking getting Ikea, but then my friend suggests Homemaster or Bunnings. what do you think about them or any other recommendations? Cheers
  5. mysrh

    House to live in with capital growth

    Hi everyone Is it okay if I ask for suggestions on suburbs to live in this forum? I have 2 IPs but never have a house on my own. At the moment I only have enough to buy either my own house or another IP. I am looking to buy in Perth WA. Been living in Winthrop for 15 years and I kind of...
  6. mysrh

    Redcliffe, WA 6104 -- opinion

    Hi, Thinking to buy an IP at Redcliffe, WA. Location of the property is good as it's near bus stop, deli, and a few minutes from Belmont Forum. But as a general property location, if anyone has IP in Redcliffe, would you kindly share your insight and experiences as landlord?
  7. mysrh

    Need Pest & Building inspectors and PM in Wagga Wagga

    I'm in the process finishing buying an IP in Wagga and would like to have recommendation for pest inspection, building inspection and property manager. Thanks heaps for the help!
  8. mysrh

    Same building, different price & rent

    I am looking at 2 units under the same building with different price and rent, one is $130K at $185/w, the other is $110K at $140/w. Is this normal for such different price n rent gaps?
  9. mysrh

    Orange & Ballarat: Popular areas of town?

    I'm looking into Orange and Ballarat at the moment looking at price under $300k. Which section of the town do renter prefer to live?
  10. mysrh

    Property Manager - Mildura

    Any recommendation for a PM at Mildura? Thank you:)