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  1. BAOT131

    Pricefinder Subscription - Calling all VIC parties interested

    Hi Dennis I have not use this before but does it generate reports for each house and give estimate sale price so that we can use to use the price estimate to buy the property? Also how to pay the fee to you? Does each person has a login name and password or share one? Please count me...
  2. BAOT131

    justifying selling an IP

    Hi Nathan We are in the same boat as you, many nights of thinking and soul searching if selling one IP is the right thing to do. In the end we have decided to sell in order to nearly pay off our PPOR so that we can enjoy more in life, more travel, kids can studies musics and extra studies...
  3. BAOT131

    Kitchen floor

    floor Hi Evisional; Good decision to polish the kitchen floor, I'm in progress of renovation an IP. The kitchen floor has three layers of vinyl, the last layer was quite a bit hard to take out as it was glued down to the timer floor boards. After removed the glue (by scrapping and a heat...
  4. BAOT131

    Where to buy Cheap Tiles in Melbourne

    tiles; Hi Huntresslove I normally get my tiles from Western Distributors on McEntyre Road in sunshine North - they are reasonably priced. You always ask for trade price and they reduce about $3/metre from the marked price. Sometimes they have left over stock of may be 5 to 10 metres and...
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    Re-stump or not??

    Hi Brettus I have sent you a PM with restump contractor details. Hope he can help you. Regards
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    Re-stump or not??

    I have restump 3 of my houses , agree that it does not add value to the house, but it needs to be done (since it slopy all conners of the house) before I can renovate them. For weatherboard houses, to replace existing timber stump with concrete stumps cost about $55 per stump, ie one of my...
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    What lessons have you learned doing your first reno?

    Basically what Wylie and Cartoon has said, you need a Plan and a Budget; Plan all tasks you need to do every day and when you expect to complete them. Budget not to exceed 7% of the value of your house, try to buy your materials at whole sale price by going to warehouses and negotiate sale...
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    Hi Mykie I may be bias because i have an IP in the area, actually it is on Byron street, the other side of Moore street, but this is my view. I bought it in 2002 for $240K, recently it was end of a lease so I took the opportunity to renovate it. I took 2 weeks holidays to do the reno, most...
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    Installing skirting boards

    Hi Rixter I mean the normal nail gun (battery operated). I saw builder used to nail the wooden house frame into concrete slabs. Regards
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    Installing skirting boards

    Hi All If the wall is concrete, can you use a nail gun to nail the skirting board to the wall without pre-drill the holes and inserting wooden dowel? Thanks
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    Suburb Stigma

    Hi Aladdin; Are you buying an IP or PPOR for you to live in? If it's an IP, as long as the numbers works in your favour then it does not matter. For example, I have an IP in Footscray bought it in 2002 for $235K now worth more than $400K, so for an IP, as long as the numbers stack up in...
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    Ceiling Insulation

    Hi All Thanks for your comments. This morning the insulation/vaccuming company came to vaccum out the loose fill insulattion. The insulation were sucked into large plastic bag fitted inside a large (200litre) metal drum. They started at 8AM and is only half way now after 4 hours. There...
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    Ceiling Insulation

    Thanks Shady I don't know how long ago the insulation was there but the house was built in 1976, so may be the insulation is of similar age. It sure is dusty up there. There will be 2 layers of insulations which will give a total of R3.5 rating Regards
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    Ceiling Insulation

    Good Morning All In the roof space of my ceiling, at the moment there are loose fill paper insulation type. There seems to be a bit of dusts get down through the bathroom exhaust fan. I have got a couple of quotes to vaccum the loose fill insulation and putting insulation bats in. The...
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    thermolaminated vs 2pac kitchen

    Hi Artemis; I think the Vinyl wrap is not as durable as the 2 pak. In one of my IPs, the kitchen doors has vinyl wrap and after a couple of years, the cabinet doors above the cook top were damaged due to the heat from the cook top. The vinyl around the lower edges of the damaged doors...
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    Sunshine Melbourne

    Hi Wallace It was an old weather board house, on a 600m sqr land. but the drive way is only 2.8m wide. It has 3 br, lounge room, separate dinning room, Kitchen and meal area, Laundy, bathroom and toilets. The house was built in 1963 so it is 45 years old. Regards Tri
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    My first auction this weekend.. any tips?

    Hi KrisK Like Skater said, you needs to observe a few auctions in the area that you are buying to get the feel of the market. Stay cool, don't get too emotional, don't bid until the property is on the market then stay within your estimated market value. Hope this help. Regards Tri
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    Painting woes - help!!

    Hi Y-Man; I have the same problem as you have, when renovating our house, with the same green colour but it was on the doors. We were in a hurry and did not sand down the doors before applying the oil base paint, after a coulpe of weeks, there were some cracks in the paints and I can peel...
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    Sunshine Melbourne

    Thanks Wallace; Just FYI, the young couple that bought my Sunshine North house are both lawyers. Regards Tri
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    Sunshine Melbourne

    I live in Sunshine North near the primary schools and the old quaries (to be developed into new housing estate) The area is quiet, walking distance to local shops, schools and bus. The street I live has old people and younger professional are starting to move in when the elderly are moving out...