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  1. mam544

    Reno Kings - Developing for profit

    So would I.
  2. mam544

    Prof Steve Keen finally gets put in his place! SMH

    Doomsayer gets instant fame Sydney Morning Herald - Gerard Henderson October 21, 2008 It had to happen. In the international financial crisis, it was always likely the cult of celebrity would merge with that of economic doomsayer. In Australia the leading doom-celeb is none other...
  3. mam544

    Zero Percent Interest Rate - Steve Keen

    The Dr Keen Files - He's at it again! Zero per cent University of Western Sydney associate professor of economics and finance Steve Keen is radically bullish on interest rates, predicting a 2% cash rate by the end of 2009, dropping to 0% in 2010. Dr Keen said the RBA would become more...
  4. mam544

    Your opinion on this joint venture proposal please.

    Thanks for your comments Jo, I think my strategy is different from his. It was just a proposal that came to me via a mortgage broker. I tend to agree with you. Neil
  5. mam544

    Your opinion on this joint venture proposal please.

    The attached is a proposal I have received regarding a joint venture. I would appreciate your comments and opinions. Hi Neil, It was great meeting with you and to talk about some possibilities. I’ve completed several renovations to increase the valuations of the properties. Some...
  6. mam544

    David Koch - Sydney Morning Herald - Oct 5,2008

    Oh thanks, I am well aware of the fine print. You seem to have completely missed my point. When was the last time that banks asked anyone to sell a property because they thought it had dropped in value?...Never! This is just scare mongering of the worst kind..(That was my point).
  7. mam544

    David Koch - Sydney Morning Herald - Oct 5,2008

    I have always had great respect for David Koch until I read this rubbish in the Herald. ..The banks are already starting to ration credit, making it more...
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    Why are so many of these threads being moved???

    No, you are not. I hate it, now it's just hard work! It's gone from a daily read to once a week.
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    Does Somersoft need so many areas

    Where has the 'General' forum gone? (As in 'if you are not sure, post it here.)
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    New to this - advice needed

    The very fact that you have ended up at this forum is a very positive factor and shows that you are miles ahead of the 'average' investor already. Between this forum and any of Jan Sommers books (among others) you will soon work out what suits you and how to proceed. Good luck and let us...
  11. mam544

    Need to remove this pipe? help

    Thank God he has only one pipe. To think we have to wait for the weekend to find out and it's only Wednesday.
  12. mam544

    Need to remove this pipe? help

    Turn the water main off before you cut it. Then you won't have water everywhere (and all over your angle grinder). Then turn the main back on slowly to see what happens. My bet is nothing will happen.
  13. mam544

    Property cuts a fine figure- SMH

    Property cuts a fine figure Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon August 10, 2008 Despite the doom and gloom, housing prices have risen overall. IT HAS been a bad week for property. It's now confirmed what's been widely forecast: prices are falling. And the doomsayers are predicting we will...
  14. mam544

    Fears of falling house prices - SMH

    Jonathan Chancellor and Jacob Saulwick July 31, 2008 ANXIETY that residential property will follow the sharemarket into free fall is casting a pall over the housing market. Sydney house prices fell by about 2 per cent during the June quarter, say two reports released yesterday. After...
  15. mam544

    Well-to-do suburbs buck rising rents pattern - SMH

    Jacob Saulwick and Jonathan Chancellor July 26, 2008 TIMES are tough for Sydney renters, but not all landlords are having it their way. While the overall market remains tight, rental vacancy rates are climbing in upper-middle-class suburbs on the North Shore and in the city's east. Some...
  16. mam544

    Rent or buy, families hit a brick wall...SMH

    Rent or buy, families hit a brick wall Jacob Saulwick and Jonathan Chancellor July 25, 2008 Forget empty nesters, meet the kippers Cheap rent scheme expanded but investors needed Don't abuse rates excuse, landlords told Advertisement SYDNEYSIDERS are caught in a bind as rising...
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    Opinions On Website Advertising

    Never use
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    Interesting Article

    Can you quote the source of this article?
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    Wooohoooo! Valuation in

    The best post I have read today...Go..Anna!!!
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    Housing dodges worst of global wreck: Sydney Morning Herald Housing dodges worst of global wreck July 14, 2008 - 3:33PM Page 1 of 2 Australia, like many rich nations, is in the throes of a painful housing slump but there are peculiarities here that mean the impact...