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  1. chran

    2nd Property - Finance structure

    My accountant goes AWOL :eek: so I'm calling the experts here. #1: PPOR - townhouse under both names, IO loan, 3 accounts (myself, partner, 100% offset joint account). All income/ expenses use the 100% offset. #2: Land - paid deposit, settlement March 2011. No mortgage yet. The plan...
  2. chran

    help - objection letter for new development

    A couple of days ago I got a letter about new construction a few doors away from my PPoR. I'm worried that it's going to block my main bedroom view - it has viewing windows on one side, no walls; so the thoughts of waking up looking towards concrete makes me sick :eek:. So, early next week I...
  3. chran

    Getting 1st IP Preparations

    Hi all, long time lurker, first-time poster so please be gentle :o My partner & I just got our first property which is going to be our PPoR (settlement Jan-Feb 2008). I'd like to be able to buy 1st IP as soon as possible. At the moment the numbers look like: PPoR: 425k - 15k deposit =...