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  1. voigtstr

    ANZ interest rates

    Can the account the interest is debited from, be the offset account? I might call them and get them to remove the manual recurring payment I've set up (since the interest charged should be different each month depending on number of days and number of dollars sitting in the offset on each day of...
  2. voigtstr

    ANZ interest rates

    I've got an interest only anz residential investment loan, and an offset account. The first payment is due in approximately 2 weeks. Does Anz have the facilitity to accrue the daily interest on the loan balance minus the offset balance and then charge that to my offset account each month, or do...
  3. voigtstr

    Woot. Just got accepted for LOC

    I hope the smiley face is because you were joking re getting a car. If the smiley face is because you are happy you are getting a car, then be advised that the interest on the LOC won't be deductable. For non appreciating assets (like cars, big tvs etc) its best to simply save up (perhaps in...
  4. voigtstr

    ANZ interest rates

    Has anyone with an ANZ loan seen the interest rate drop .8% on the loan details page? Mine still only reflects the .25% drop from earlier.
  5. voigtstr

    ANZ interest rates

    Our loan's interest rate at ANZ hasnt been updated yet. :(
  6. voigtstr

    What were you doing 5 / 10 / 15 / etc years ago ??

    Now :.............. Still working same job, but better at it:), married, living in ppor, as of last friday, have our first IP. have some money in managed funds and shares but not very much (<10k) 5 years ago :.... Working a better IT job, moved to Hobart, met future wife, still clueless about...
  7. voigtstr

    depreciation question

    Called your office Scott. Liam will call you shortly. Cheers Simon
  8. voigtstr

    weekly, fortnightly or monthly

    Thanks for the replies. We'll be self managing but using a property manager to advertise and select tenants. I agree that its best to go with the time frame that is most convenient to the tenant.
  9. voigtstr

    depreciation question

    Should have the keys tomorrow :)
  10. voigtstr

    Suncorp won't go beyond 90% LVR...

    We recently found that lenders weren't going beyond 90% LVR as well. Ended up getting a loan with ANZ as they had all the features we wanted.
  11. voigtstr

    Peter Spann Strategy, anyone made it?

    And to the original poster, wouldn't you be looking at 5-7 year timeframe anyway?
  12. voigtstr

    How do you deal with these PM

    What do people think of using a PM to get the place tenanted, but then self managing after that?
  13. voigtstr

    weekly, fortnightly or monthly

    Is there, or should there be any preference as to when the tenant pays their rent? I would have thought having it tied to a day or two after the tenant's pay date would be the most beneficial for getting the rent on time (especially if they are coached as to how to set up a direct debit). We...
  14. voigtstr

    I am after a one-stop accountant

    Anyone know a property savy accountant in Hobart (preferably who is an investor himself) ?
  15. voigtstr

    Will RBA reduce rates by 0.25% or 0.50% in September

    Cool, we've just had a 95% lvr on 270k loan approved by ANZ today. The rate is 8.92%. 8.42% will be even better :)
  16. voigtstr

    depreciation question

    Excellent, thanks for that. Will give you a call once we have the keys.
  17. voigtstr

    depreciation question

    Hi there, We're buying a a 1983 brick 3 br house worth 270K. It has a renovated bathroom and kitchen. We only plan to rent it for 2-3 years before moving into it ourselves. The house is this one...
  18. voigtstr

    IP offset account tax implications

    I've got a 20K loc with ING. Are you suggesting that when I go to withdraw it (tranferring it to a transaction account with another bank so that it can be direct credited to the Lawyers trust account) that the bank can say, sorry mate... our credit is to crunchy, you cant have it. I dont think...
  19. voigtstr

    Amp ????

    Have you brokers noticed the 97% LVR loans drying up? We had to accept a 95% lvr loan on our current purchase (with offset and interest only) with an ANZ professional package (with credit cards we are unlikely to ever use).
  20. voigtstr

    Is it worth getting a depresciation schedule done?

    Hi depreciator, do you do Tassie as well? We are waiting on the contract to settle for a 1983 house, with renovated kitchen and bathroom. We are planning on renting it for 2-3 years, before moving into it ourselves. Its a tidy 3 bedroom brick house with separate garage. Roughly how much would...