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  1. Soren Lorenson

    property website utils???

    guys and gals, do you know of any interesting or web based tools for integrating and analysing property stats from the main websites. i came across across this website that has a very nice feature but unfortunately its not setup for domain or
  2. Soren Lorenson

    which suburb in Melb is a better buy?

    GoAnna, how would they be able to dothis? they surely cannot discrimate on the individual students ability?? and expel them when they get to year 12 or whatever because they dont make the grade
  3. Soren Lorenson

    Genuine Enquiry from Agent???

    Steve, no it was addressed 'to the owner' funny that, because we bought the place from them, i.e. they were the agents about 15months ago now, i guess they don't have a good database We actually get a similar letter from another crowd of agents, addressed to somebody that previoulsy...
  4. Soren Lorenson

    Genuine Enquiry from Agent???

    see attached, we've gotten a few of these in recent months, its a popular agent in Melbourne, Personally my opinion is: Sales are down and they will try any tactic to get more volume in the books The interested party is anyone at all what do you think do you get these too?
  5. Soren Lorenson

    TV reception

    ALEX, why do you want a tv, don't you live in somersoft?
  6. Soren Lorenson

    Brunswick or Broadmeadows?

    Would agree wholeheartedly with this; buy the land, you will have a lower yield but would probably win over the 2 bed flat/unit in the long term, make sure you can hold even in a recession / downturn, dont bank on having good growth and equity in 2 years. Try and buy on a good street with...
  7. Soren Lorenson

    Please compare these 2 - display home quality vs quality given to me

    dude, you also appear to be short 1 brick at the top from lintel to roof, the diplay home is 4 bricks whereas you are 3
  8. Soren Lorenson

    Please compare these 2 - display home quality vs quality given to me

    Rodimus, i think they are completely different bricks, check with the brick manufacturer, shame about the mortar, its quite different eh yeah the lintel detail is different and the display home looks far better, i just think your a victim of the builder, i would imagine you will...
  9. Soren Lorenson

    Urgent Help! Tenant Application...

    if youve been waiting 5 months i would jump at it, get them in, dont put any un-usual or different terms just cos they have a dog, make sure the lease has a condition that they repair / make good any damage the dog makes, outside dog is generally rubbish
  10. Soren Lorenson

    Do rentals go 'stale'?

    took 6 week for us in inner melbourne, i think we might have been a little bit overpriced, seems renters will pay alot for brandnew kitchen and flooring in a townhouse with courtyard, vs an okay house with land. it wasn't helped by agent only having opens once a week or fortnight. check your...
  11. Soren Lorenson

    Bad experience with developer - Hamton Melbourne

    2bed off the plan for 603k, me thinks you will be waiting along time for some CG, your well out of it.
  12. Soren Lorenson

    Tarneit area

    well said jingo, would agree and believe you can do better with your money than investing in tarneit, the infrastructure is really really lacking atm
  13. Soren Lorenson

    Westpac shows record profit how can this be in the current climate?? eehhhh duh! the banks are in the business of making money, and they are pretty good at it. its the people mortgaged to the eyeballs on struggle street that pay for the...
  14. Soren Lorenson

    Happy Birthday, Jacque

    good on ya!
  15. Soren Lorenson

    Single Mums with kids
  16. Soren Lorenson

    Single Mums with kids

    this might open up a can or worms Is it discriminatory to refuse a rental property to a single mum application with kids on centrelink? are you asking for trouble renting to a high risk tenant (In my opinion) any advices? on what basis can you refuse?
  17. Soren Lorenson

    Tradesperson Emigration from UK

    check out and go to the discussion forum on Australia, there is plenty of talk from people that have made the move from blighty to aus. I believe it takes a long time for tradies to be recognised over here and there is alot of red tape involved.
  18. Soren Lorenson

    Section 27

    you dont have to sign it, the agents normally lodge the check and have the funds straightaway anyway dont they, i.e. they take their commission straightaway from the deposit cheque
  19. Soren Lorenson

    What is this mould caused by? see photo

    moisture, and probably alot of moisture, suspect leak, normal internal condensation doesn't do this, although i can't see much in the image, suspect leak in roof, check the roof space
  20. Soren Lorenson

    Auction - Passed in does this mean it will go for less?

    It could have sold after for more sometimes, some potential buyer may have kept quiet to approached agent later with view to Private sale so they can get their conditions into the contract, building/pest finance etc, because the can't do it at auction. ring the RE agent tomorrow and play...