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  1. Yerfdog

    Is this PM greedy or what?

    I just received a management agreement renewal notice from my PM who are currently managing my two IPs, and almost fell off the chair after reading their fees. The sad thing is I have been with them for years and they said these fees are not negotiable. What do you think? I won't name and...
  2. Yerfdog

    Which property magazines do you subscribe?

    Hi all, My Australian Property Investor subscription is ending next month and wondering should I renew the subscription or subscribe to Your Investment Property magazine. How about you? If you only have a choice to subscribe one of them, which one do you pick? Reasons welcome. Thanks.
  3. Yerfdog

    Sunday Times 2008 WA Property Guide

    Hi Folks, Here is the Sunday Times 2008 WA Property Guide
  4. Yerfdog

    New 4 Sale 4 Investors site

    Hi All, Not sure if anyone posted this already, I could not find any related topic via search. Just read an article introduce this new site, this site contains some new development projects ready for sale and also a few useful calculators for investors...
  5. Yerfdog

    QLD copy of a Certificate of Title

    Hi All, Anyone can advise how can I obtain of a copy of a QLD certificate of title for my own property? I am not sure this is the correct term in QLD, but I did a search in NRW and unable to find the correct information. Thanks in advance.
  6. Yerfdog

    Court orders WA property scheme to end

    Sourced from WA Business News: The Federal Court of Australia has ordered the appointment of an independent accountant to wind up unregistered management schemes operated by Perth property developers...
  7. Yerfdog

    LOC Clawback?

    Hi All, Just listened to a webminar from Property Update In the second question, Ed Chan advised there is a risk of banks clawback unused LOC fund due to the credit squeeze, and suggested to draw down all the fund and transfer it to offset...
  8. Yerfdog

    City Tempo apartments by Central Equity - off the plam

    City Tempo apartments by Central Equity - off the plan Hi All, I just attended to an expo .... not... a sales session yesterday, organised by Central Equity in Perth about their latest project City Tempo in Melbourne CBD from $199,000 wooooo. ( My first...