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  1. burty85

    Views on Fixing

    Have three loans coming up out of a fixed rate (6.19%). CBA: 300K Rams: 196K Rams: 196K Rams loans will be variable rate of 5.1% CBA loan will be 5.2% Good savings on the change to variable rate, but are thinking of 3yr fixed rates. Staying with the same lenders as LMI will kill any...
  2. burty85

    Turning a Duplex into a Triplex

    I have been sitting on my current duplex for almost 5yrs now, it has a massive block storage area at the front of the duplex, this is split in two and shared by the current tenants there... It will need power and water hooked up, possibly have to upgrade the entire power box for the duplex...
  3. burty85

    Tennant issue how to kick out

    Ok, My friend rents and has got a flat mate to help out with rent, it is not working out and she wants her out ASAP. This new flat mate is not on the lease or does the realestate know about this new flat mate.... what time dose she need to give her or can she just put all her stuff out side...
  4. burty85

    Ideas for looking for jobs

    My partner has now got all the kids at school and is now looking for a job, we have looked for the last month applying to many jobs and placing expressions of intrest. She is looking a job in retail. However is proving hard to get any work at them moment. She has been out of the work force...
  5. burty85

    Painting and Lead

    Ok, I just bought one of those DIY Lead Test Kits from Bunnings and tested one of my IPs that I am going to paint in the next few days, all the block work is good, but the test on the gutters and frames came up positive for lead... What sort of measures should I take when sanding and...
  6. burty85

    camping NQLD

    Just curious how many SS'er have been camping north of Townsville, there is so many places that are great for families or even just the over nighter’s.... Over the last few yrs I have done the Waterfall circuit up near Atherton, Cape Tribulation, Undara, Rollingstone, Keelbottom Creek, Cape...
  7. burty85

    Help, need to work out rent

    Ok, I self managed one of my properties to a mate. This is a little slack on my behalf, but working 2 jobs and renovating I didn't really keep track of the rent coming in at all times. The lease started on 8th Mar 10 and ended on 26 Feb 11 @ 270p/w. Is there a quick way to work out the...
  8. burty85

    Give away API and YIP Townsville area

    I have got approx 40-50 magazines that have been collecting dust over the last few yrs, anyone interested in them are welcome to pick them up. Townsville area only
  9. burty85

    Duplex reno

    ok.... bought two title duplex back in mid 09. 410K in total.... 205K each title in Townsville Current rent each title was $150 a week at settlement.... Took possession as PPOR on the first title..... started a slow reno which still to this day I have a few thing to complete, just...
  10. burty85

    4WD Issue

    Ok, I have a 1997 Holden Rodeo 4x4 2.8LTD. Yesterday after having a bit of fun in 2WH in the mud and a little 4WL pulling a mate out of a bog I then went back to 2WH and had a few issues with power, as soon as went to accelerate my car would rev very freely and not pick up speed as it should...
  11. burty85

    Car dealer offering exterior/ interior care

    Anyone have any ideas about the care kits dealers try and sell you when you by second hand vehicles. This one in particular is called Fusion, it offers protection agaisnt Exterior: bird dropping, tree sap, Bat crap, Industrial fall out, Acid rain, Berry and fruit stains etc...
  12. burty85

    Any one own a 2009 Ford XR6?

    I am looking at upgrading cars soon, possibly with a Novated Lease for 4 to 5 yrs. I am keen on the FG XR6's, just wondering if any SS'ers have one of theses cars or mates etc. Some real life feed back would be good. Looking at car sales on the net prices start from approx $22,000 with...
  13. burty85

    SD Cards

    Just got back from a day out with the kids and half the photos we took on the camera have now magically vanished from the sd card. I now have a most displeased partner asking me questions like where are they gone :mad: Any thing I can do to get them back or is it to late to recover them....
  14. burty85

    Footings and Fencing

    I am looking at cutting down the support pillars that hold up what you could call the patio looking mess at the front of my duplex, it is beyond repair and looks horrible. The plan is to cut the pillars down to approx 6ft, render and repaint and make a fence with some stained horizontal wood...
  15. burty85

    Install of Aircons

    I have a simple install for 7000btu spilt systems, back to back on brick wall, ground level. Not getting hard wired to mains. Been quoted $500 each Aircon, this seems a little steep, this is more than what I paid for the units.
  16. burty85

    Registering an ABN for self manged strata titled duplex

    Registering an ABN for self managed strata titled duplex Have settled on a duplex last yr and now the insurance is due, I will be self managing and own both titles. For my new insurance policy they want me to have a ABN with my property details as the account name etc.... Just a like to...
  17. burty85

    How much for taps??

    Hey guys just doing a quick reno on a laundry in one of my IP's. The old taps where in need of replacing and just wondering how much do most ppl here spend on taps. I am talking all new taps and parts that connect to the copper pipes in the walls. Cheers P.S sorry for my lack of...
  18. burty85

    Self managing in qLd

    Is this all I should need to self manage in QLD?? Also what about insurance, will I need to let them know that I will be self managing as opposed to a PM?? Cheers
  19. burty85

    How would you fix this crack??

    I have this large crack in one of my IP's that I am doing a reno on, just about to paint it.... what would be the best choice to patch this crack ie spak, no gaps etc??
  20. burty85

    PIN free EFTPOS terminals??

    What's ppls thoughts on these new terminals that don't have you use your pin or signature... I used one the other day for the first time, sure it saved maybe 30 seconds of time at the register, but is this at the cost of the users security??