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  1. ffc1883_1996

    Nunawading, VIC

    My brother just sold his new(ish) 2x1 PPOR in Nunawading, VIC. The first open-for-inspection had 27 groups through and the unit sold a few days later. There was a second inspection where nineteen groups showed up. The property was on the market for <2 weeks and he feels he got a very good price...
  2. ffc1883_1996

    Emissions Trading Scheme – Tax Reform Opportunity

    My musings… I think that most opinions expressed on the prospect of an Australian emissions trading scheme come from one of two vocal minorities… From the green corner, we receive an exuberant message that goes something like: “the environment is in grave trouble and must be rescued at any...
  3. ffc1883_1996

    The transition from feral to fashionable

    Over the last fifteen years, we’ve seen many suburbs that were widely thought of as feral, suitable only for bums, junkies and the like, move up the pecking order to become not just respectable but desirable. In Melbourne for example, Richmond and Collingwood are now exciting inner city burbs...
  4. ffc1883_1996

    Is Foxtel worth it?

    I’ve always resisted the temptation on the grounds that the $50 per month would be best spent reducing the principal on my home loan. Delayed gratification has got me this far but it’s tough for a Melbourne based Lions supporter to go without pay TV. Your thoughts?
  5. ffc1883_1996

    "short sheeting" roof repair method

    The Reno Kings book makes mention of a low cost (metal) roof repair method called "short sheeting". Does anyone have any details/experience with this?
  6. ffc1883_1996

    LOC LVR when LOE

    Do you LOE? If so, well done! I am working towards joining you one day. As an equity farmer, I'm sure that you would allocate a little time each month to "hoping for the best and planning for the worst". This probably involves a spreadsheet with a number of variables including interest...
  7. ffc1883_1996

    The ripple effect!

    Does anyone have any past experience with the ripple effect? Perhaps you invested in Melbourne/Sydney outer suburbs at the start of this decade or in Perth outer suburbs a couple of years ago. My understanding (hope) is that you can see it coming. It starts in, say, the CBD and forces prices...
  8. ffc1883_1996

    Is there always this much noise?

    I decided to be a property investor twelve months ago and, until recently, I've never noticed so much noise in the media about battling families, high cost-of-living, mortgage stress, interest rates, credit crunch, spiralling debt, etc. Lots of anti-investing doom and gloom. Is it just me...
  9. ffc1883_1996

    Rental IP with a spa

    I'm looking into buying a rental IP in Melbourne with a big spa on a nice deck. This would definitely appeal to tenants but I'm concerned about the liabilities that we'd be faced with. Any ideas to improve SANF?
  10. ffc1883_1996

    Debt Recycling

    "Debt Recycling". This is a term that's sometimes briefly mentioned in a number of threads but I'd like to explore it in more detail because I'm beginning to feel that it's benefits are underestimated by property investors. I've been investing for years but only began thinking about this concept...