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    First Investment Property Brisbane suburbs

    Hi all myself and my partner have just bought our first investment property. We decided to go for the kingston area in Brisbane suburbs. The property is brick and tile and on a 750m block. 3 bedroom 1 bathroom car port. Good condition just needs freshening up. Minor building work to be...
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    Question for novice?

    Hi everybody. I just have a question about what we should do as regards our investments over the rest of 2008. My partner and I have had our house for 6 months now and we are doing what normal first home owners do just pay off their loan and work away from week to week. My question is should...
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    Next Step???

    I have just purchased a property in oxenford, for 360000. Its a 4 bedder and 2 bathroom. From when i first got approval I had 37000 of a deposit. I now have 55000 saved and I was wondering should I use the extra money I have saved to purchase another property or should I just pay off the...
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    rental return for ipswich?

    Hi there everybody I am thinking of purchasing a property as an investment in the western corrider of brisbane as I see this as a really good growth area especially in the long run after all the infrastructure work has completed. My question is what rental return would you expect to get in the...