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    Stencilled Concrete

    Hoping someone can help me. I have a courtyard that has had stencilled concrete applied to it, I guess when the units were built probably 5-7 years ago. The stencil is that plastic kind and I now find parts of it are lifting and coming away from the concrete and it's beginning to look really...
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    Buying Land

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to all of this and just trying to get my head around a few different concepts and strategies. Can someone can point me to a resource or can help me with the basics of buying a vacant block of land with the intention of building an IP down the track. My dad wants to...
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    Body Corporate Questions

    Can someone enlighten me on a couple of Body Corporate questions? 4 unit complex in Qld. 1 How do I get a copy of the Body Corporate By-laws? 2 Should a copy be supplied with the signed contract from the REA? 3 Do the by-laws dictate when the AGM is/should be held? 4 Are the...