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    Body corporate management - strata titled unit

    I'm in SA. I know we're already not meeting our legal obligations by not having annual meetings at least every 15 months. Not sure about a sinking fund budget.
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    Body corporate management - strata titled unit

    I bought a strata titled unit in a group of 4 about 4 years ago. It’s privately managed by one of the owners. It was like this before I bought in. We don’t have meetings. We don’t see any accounts. We just trust that they are doing the right thing by the group. Now, it seems that we need to...
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    Residential Tenancies Tribunual - break lease - SA

    I totally agree that tenants should be held accountable in a break lease situation but normally a tenant can only be held liable for break lease costs providing the property is relet, so if the owner decides to sell then you must let the tenant walk away from the tenancy. Also, the landlord...
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    Residential Tenancies Tribunual - break lease - SA

    SA is the same. They must try to secure a new tenant as quickly as possible even if it involves reducing the rent.
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    Residential Tenancies Tribunual - break lease - SA

    That’s totally what I thought so I’ve always tried to avoid going to the tribunal as a landlord and tried to work things out with my tenants.
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    Residential Tenancies Tribunual - break lease - SA

    Hi, just wanted to hear your thoughts on this? I just went to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal in SA as a tenant. I broke my lease 10 weeks before the end. The landlord advertised the property once a week in the paper for 4 weeks and then stopped. I thought he would have to advertise twice a...
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    CBA switching fee when IO period expires

    :mad: I'm so angry. I've got 7 property loans with CBA. 4 of them were set up 5 years ago. The maximum IO period CBA allow is 5 years. After 5 years, the loan reverts to P&I. No problem CBA told me when I set up the loans as they can be made IO for another 5 year period. Only problem is they...
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    Selling a tenanted property

    I’m wanting to sell a property that is currently tenanted till October this year. I asked an agent to do an appraisal. He left a message for the tenant to call him. That was 4 days ago and he hasn’t heard anything so he was going to try again. The property is managed by a property manager...
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    Help on design please!!!

    I just read your comment about the deer heads. LOL! I agree with the deer heads. I think they'd provide some 'wow factor' :D
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    Help on design please!!!

    Good point vincenzo. I hadn't thought of the noise from the washing machine and shower. Maybe flip the bathroom with the door coming in from the hallway near bedroom 2. Love it :D
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    Help on design please!!!

    Sorry, I should've clarified Roachy, it's actually a picture of the back half of the house. There is a lounge room, bedroom 1 and double garage at the front of the property. I've attached the whole design to make it clearer. Thanks for the great suggestions everyone. Much appreciated. Now...
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    Help on design please!!!

    Hi, I'm hoping to get opinions/suggestions. I'm thinking of building a house but we made a change to the plan by widening the bathroom, laundry and bedrooms 2 & 3. Now, we've been left with a space we don't know what to do with between bedroom 4 and the kitchen. It measures 2.9m by 2.2m. We were...
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    Buy now or wait for interest rates to peak?

    If you’re a long term investor, it shouldn’t matter. You’re best to get in the market now and let time do its work. It’s too easy to get stranded on the sidelines, watching and waiting for the best time to invest and never actually doing it. Just make sure you can manage the repayments if...
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    How do you keep track of properties

    The properties on the net I’m interested in looking at I immediately note the opening time in my diary along with the address and asking price. Properties in the real estate section of the paper that I’m interested in looking at, I note a few basic details on the front page of the real estate...
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    Changing properties while on maternity leave...

    My husband and I want to buy a larger home to fit a growing family and I want to keep the debt level about what it is now or less as that's affordable for us. To do this I was going to sell an investment property and the house that we live in. The problem is that I'm on maternity leave and was...
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    Who is responsible for installing a TV aerial?

    Just wondering, in SA who is responsible for installing a TV aerial - the landlord or the tenant? I just bought a property and had a tenant move in this month who has a large plasma which won't work with the cheap rabbit ear style aerial. They've asked if I would consider installing a TV aerial...
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    What do you turn to when you are down?

    Exercise. A nice long run picks up my mood.
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    I think it’s way too expensive. It’d just encourage me to watch more TV to get my monies worth. So many channels I would never watch. They’ve managed to spread out the good channels in all their packages so you feel compelled to purchase them all. I just think that amount of money can be spent...
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    When did you buy your first IP?

    Bought my first IP in 2003 at 23 years of age. I would've loved to have bought earlier as I could see it all booming around me but I was already in uni and only working a few hours as a casual. I'm glad I just got started when I did.
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    Bathroom rejuvenation

    I just renovated my bathroom and looked into re-enameling. Got a quote to paint the whole lot and it seemed just as expensive as replacement and re-tiling, if not more. I found some re-enameling places advised against doing the floor and would only do the walls. I looked into re-enameling the...