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    Solar power on rental

    I'm considering putting solar power on my rental property in victoria. What I want to do is setup the power bill in my name, collect the solar electricity generation, and charge the tenant for the power they use. Is there anything wrong with doing this? ie power bill shows the power...
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    The Super Investor

    I have done some google searches, and nothing seems to come up with any real user feedback on this mob. Has anyone used 'The Super Investor' for share market investing? Are they any good? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    Need some advice

    Hi All, you may remember my story a few years back where I had 1 house and 2 apartments. sold up in 2005, and purchased 2.5 years ago a another house. Now I had those properties for 5 years (purchased 2000, sold 2005) and made very little on the overall deal. (I sold because rates were going...
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    Yield shares

    I'm looking for some shares which pay good dividends. any suggestions on some to look at? It seems the bank shares are paying well, they pay 100% franked, 4.5% yield, and the yield forecasts seem to be jumping up each year. Is there a catch?
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    building a new house

    I'm just wondering if someone can tell me whats involved in building a new house. I have seen houses advertised on sites like AV Jennings for $130,000. Now if I purchase land for say $220,000 what other expenses are there? Also what if the block isn't flat? Does it mean a new house...
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    Say Melbourne gets flattened by earthquake

    I was wondering, what happens to rental properties if a whole city is flattened by earthquake? I would assume my house would get destroyed and tenant would no longer pay rent. Or if you have a apartment, whole block falls, making it unliveable. now obviously with such large scale destruction...
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    Calculating Return on IP2

    I have 1 IP, and am doing the figures on purchasing another one. I have looked at purchasing a $450,000 house. These are the stats: 5 year fixed rate 7.79% CBA: $35,055pa Rent expected: $20800pa Costs: $4500 Total gross holding cost: -$18755pa negative gearing tax refund : $5626...
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    Paying Down Strategy

    my advise would be not to get sucked in with this buy, 100% interest only, and then buy again 12 months later, and keep buying as soon as you can.. I would buy 1 good house, focus 4-5 years paying it down.. even pay it off in 7 years, then buy second IP, and do the same, second IP you can pay...
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    what are Bonds?

    Can someone explain to me the risks and return from bonds? How do they work? Say I invest money into a Bonds managed fund, what risk does it carry?
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    Commercial Property for income

    I'm looking for some cash flow to help finance lifestyle. Commercial property is great for high yield. Getting one direct is out of the question for me at present, so was looking for some funds to invest in which can give me similar exposure. I was looking at OIF for a while now, and today it...
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    Energy Efficient Homes package assistance

    Has anyone here had a look through the new government initiatives for ceiling insulation or solar hot water for existing homes? What would it typically cost to install insulation in a house? As then you get $1000 back from the government...
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    US to enter depression china to implode

    Mr Edwards who predicted this current market decline is predicting further bad news.. apparently the US is going to enter a prolonged depression and china is going to implode!,28124,24919910-643,00.html He is recommending closing up...
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    Tenants ringbarked trees

    When I purchased my IP nearly 12 months ago, I planted 13 fruit trees in the back yard because one day I plan to live there. Hence a couple years would pass and the trees would grow. To my disappointment, when I attended the property recently to attend to some maintenance, I found at 10 of...
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    Heating a house

    Just got a question, we have a 5 star ducted heating system which heats our 20sq house. My question is would it be cheaper to use a Fujitsu to heat only the living are which is been used, or heat the whole house with gas ducted heating? Does anyone know where I can find out the running...
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    Commercial Property Funds

    I have a question, why is it commercial property funds are been slaughtered on the ASX? Am I missing something? For example, stock code OIF (Orchard ) owns 27 industrial properties around...
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    Why didnt Peter Spann recommend Cash?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has been to Peter Spanns seminars in the last 12 months? If so why hasn't he recommended cash and fixed interest as the best investment going forward during this time? Looking at my chart of the all ords, we can clearly see the market overshot its long term...
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    How much will rates fall?

    In this current down cycle, how much do you think we will see rates fall?
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    Switch from fixed rate to variable

    Does anyone know if you can switch from a fixed rate to variable rate? I'm with the CBA and am wondering if its a option to me? Also what would be the break cost. I'm fixed at 8.90% however the current rate is 8.94 so slightly above my rate. Also I noticed the CBA increased the...
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    Government super co-contribution

    Hi All, I would like to make a contribution to my super to get the government co-contribution. I would like to know how is property income calculated. The government uses your TOTAL INCOME to work out how much co-contribution to pay. Does this total income include rent you recieve from...
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    Solar Power for IP

    Hi All, has anyone investigated getting solar power installed for your IP? What are the deprecation benefits, and do you still get the $8000 rebate? If the solar install is worth $13,000 before rebate, and you deprecate it over 10 years, that could be a $390 tax refund each year. Plus you...