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    Whose name should be on the loan? deductable?

    I have a property with and is under my wifes name. We are taking out a loan with ING, with 2 splits. My broker said that the loans can only be taken out as joint names as my wifes income is not sufficient to cover repayments. Thats all fine. I only have one key question. One of the split we...
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    Own property outright - refinance to -ve gear?

    Hi All, I own a place outright, purchased in 2005. My intention is to refinance the home and to rent it out as an investment property and potentially get tax benefits as I will now have interest repayments to offset my income. I was told, or given some warnings that this is not legal, as...
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    Constructing a new Home and its Risks!

    Hi All, A family member of mine is going to start the construction of their new home in the coming months. They have thus far shortlisted about 3 builders and going through the technical due diligence etc. I know that there is also a commercial risk to projects like this, e.g. the company...
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    Furnished vs. Unfurnished Apartment - Docklands

    Hi All, Need some advice with the more experienced out there. I have an apartment due for completion soon. It is a 2br, 1 park place in Docklands, called Lacrosse. It is a fairly high end place. 1) My question as an investor - Is it better for it to be furnished or unfurnished? Given the...
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    Self Manage - first timer

    Hi guys, I have a property that I am planning to self manage for a short while. I have no experience whatsoever. Any advice on the types of forms/contracts that I need, how is the bond deposit held, damage to property handled etc? I would usually use a property manager, but due to the...
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    Good building and pest inspectiors

    Hi guys, Looking for good structural and termite and pest inspectors around the Victoria Park area in Perth. Anyone has any contacts? Would appreciate your help. Thanks,
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    Is this considered an IP

    Hi All, I have just purchased a property in Perth. It is going to be our ppor. However we are only going to move into it in june as there are tennants there and we are renting ourselves. My question is can the property be considered an IP up until June even though we want to eventually make...
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    Depreciation question

    Hi all, A quick depreciation question just to confirm some issues. I bought a house in 2007 and lived in it for 3 years. I then rented it out June 2010. I cant claim depreciation benefits for the past 3 years as I was living in the property - is that correct? Just wanting to confirm...
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    Converting from PPOR to IP

    Hi guy, I know this question has been answered many times before, but I would usually happily search for them myself, but a bit tight with time as I am relocating soon and am busy doing all the related tasks. I have a few questions if would be so kind forumites: 1) Are there any things...
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    New Estates

    Hi All, I am considering my first IP but still am open to homes in new estates or established homes. Just thought I'd get some of your thoughts for those experienced in this field of purchasing new homes in new estates as an invesment. It sounds tempting considering the stamp duty savings...
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    The power of equity?

    Hi All, I am a property owner currently in preparation for my property investment portfolio. Just a little background: (PPOR)Property price: 350, 000 AUD Equity: 100,000 AUD Debt: 250,000 AUD Loan type: P&I I am currently deciding on the type of strategy that I should go for. I have...
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    Tax question for off the plan purchase

    Hello property experts, I have a scenario currently: A friend of mine is planning to buy an off the plan apartment in the Docklands. He is a permanent resident working in Australia. However, he wants to purchase the property with his mum, who is a foreigner living overseas. In the...
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    Hi guys, I have read a few posts about Docklands and some of them are quite old. I would just like to see what some of your views are on this place. My perspective stands like this: Currently apartments seem to be oversupplied in that area. Interest rates are riding high. Therefore...
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    Berwick - Chase

    Hi, I have read a lot of talk about Pakenham, Cranbourne. I know that Berwick is one of the smaller suburts on the south east zone, but what do you all think of the growth in the coming 5 years? I just purchased a property there which I intend to live in, it is in the Chase estate. I...