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    July Melbourne meeting

    I am IN, Thanks
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    3 and 5 year fixed rate thread

    Fast Lend have 4.99% for 3 years (for LVR's under 75%)
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    3 and 5 year fixed rate thread

    As they said here CBA Fixed Rate Drop! 1Year Fixed Rate 5.34% --> 5.19% (comparison rate 6.19%) 3Year Fixed Rate 5.29% --> 5.29% (comparison rate 6.09%) Source:
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    revisit Nearly a year since this article was published in News. What are your thoughts on this now?
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    Pricefinder Group Access (VIC)

    I am interested in group access for VIC.
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    ANZ reduced interest rate by 25 basis point Will others follow...
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    Westpac 0.7 discount for loans between 150 to 250

    Now westpac is offering 0.7 discount on their rocket loans, it was 0.4
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    3 & 5 year fixed rates thread

    CBA 5.99% fixed for 3 years CBA now have 5.99% fixed for 3 years
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    Melbourne February 2012 Somersoft Meeting - Mitcham (Again!?)

    Please put me down for 2. I will come with my friend. We both are first time attendee.
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    1, 1.5, 2, 3KW Solar Panel Systems

    Loads of information about solar panel deals here I am currently in the process of getting one, preferably from Eco Kinetics - Sopray panel with Aurora inverter. Good luck for those looking.
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    TV Wall bracket and wiring

    I have recently mounted my 50" panny (internal wall), it took me half a day (first timer). I used 80 Kg heavy duty bracket bought from Selby. There is instruction in the bracket...
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    Westpac 90 Day Temporary discount

    I got .05 permanent additional discount, when my .2 expired. details
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    I have 0.2 additional discount on 250K loan for couple of weeks. I called mortgage retention centre today and they promised .05 permanent discount once the .2 temporary expires, waiting for the paperwork. So now I am on .75 discount on 250K loan. I am with banana bank :D Regards apk
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    I managed to get extra 0.2% temporary discount for 3 months. Margin Lending - What's your discount there...? I am getting 0.4 bcoz of the premium advantage package.
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    Have 250k loan on my PPOR (60k in offset account, brings down to 190k) 40k in equity loan. I reckon my PPOR is worth more now, similar property in the street sold for 380k last christmas. Thinking of talking to westpac mortgage guys for a better discount, like to have a chat with other...
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    Discounts on home loan, any one got above .7

    Just want to ask fellow forumites about their recent home loan discounts, any attractive discounts in the market? Preferable from the big four. I am thinking of refinancing my current loan, I am with Westpac on 0.7 discount.
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    Westpac Premier Advantage Home Loan

    This rises a question about my loan. I took 252k loan and 25k in offset account, does this mean I will get only 0.4 discount? :confused: -Apk
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    3 year old house, crack on the outer brick wall

    Thanks for all your reply, I appreciate. I think this is because of house settling, also noticed a three year old gum tree on the other side of the fence, which is 1.5 metres away from the wall. I am not sure whether the tree will be a potential danger breaking the concrete slab in the...
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    3 year old house, crack on the outer brick wall

    Thanks for all your inputs. Its fairly new suburb, there is no chance of tree removal in the last 3 years. No leaking tap. I am not sure about the soil type. The cracked wall is facing the main road and road work is going on for the past six months or so where lot of heavy road laying...
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    3 year old house, crack on the outer brick wall

    My house is 3 year old. I bought a year ago without doing building inspection, now there is a crack on the outer brick wall, I don't know what to do..., any advise is highly appreciated. I wish to upload photo, I am not sure how to add photo. Thanks APK