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    buy & hold strategy... when to cash in?

    Hi Folks Dumb question time.. when it comes to buy & hold strategy for IP's... How do you know when to cash in and sell? thinking of letting go my IP but have had alot of family and friends always commenting never sell never sell... IF you never sell.. then i the strategy is revalue...
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    risks of dealing with a 'smaller' broker

    Hi Folks I managed to get in touch with a local broker, once somewhat active here and recommended now and then... Its a self run business and im curious to know what (if any) are the 'risks' with dealing with a smaller broker? would they have access to a limited range of banking...
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    solicitor for defending claim against gas infrastructure owners?

    Hi all Close mates were doing some renno on their drive way and hit a gas pipe. Now facing a bill by the infrastructure owner of the particular gas network for $3k bill. Was wondering what options are there to fight this on the basis the 'digging' done as part of the renno was no more than...
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    Sellor withdrawing from sale? post deposit taken

    Hi all Can a sellor cancel/withdraw from selling their house. This has happened AFTER a deposit has been put down for the purchase and about 5 days after contract has been signed. Was told this had happened by a friend.. this doesn't make sense to me.. because if a BUYER was to do the...
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    whats that website?

    hi folks having trouble finding this website i stumbled across.. can someone help? its where u can pay for a certain amount of 'log in time' and do various searching & reports etc. thanks in advance.
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    buyers market

    buyers or sellors market? This maybe stating the obvious, but i wanted to see what other peoples experiences are. Right now been browsing around for a new PPOR, and every agent ive visited have been telling me that the market is going 'bananas'. Market demand fairly high. Anyone else...
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    how important is LAND?

    Hi folks Weird question id like to throw out there to you all... how important is LAND to you? Assuming NO subdivision. Do you prefer to buy places with decent sized land? or is this irrelevant, so long as the numbers stack up? Also - does the size of the land contribute to...
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    What to look for in new loan

    Hi folks Looking to borrow again for ip2,. but not sure whats out there in the market in terms of financing packages / products etc. can anyone recommend either a financier or 'must haves' with a loan? -s