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    Terrigal Townhouse - good investment???

    Thank you phil, ozperp and jayro for your replies - some good food for thought there... ozperp - it's a bit of a mix of all those reasons. We would buy at a good price since parents wouldn't need to pay agents commission etc. There are probably better investments out there but my husband and...
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    thoughts on ashfield, sydney

    Hi, Have not researched Ashfield as an area so definitely take this as opinion only but I live in Croydon, next suburb. You are spot on about the train line and it's position - v.good access to the city. I think the main thing holding Ashfield back is the council (very disorganised and...
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    Terrigal Townhouse - good investment???

    Hi everyone, I came to this forum via and recommendations I received there to read Jan Somers books. Well, have done so and husband and I have decided to buy 1st IP - now the hard part is WHERE??? Long story short, my parents have a townhouse in Terrigal (3br, 2 bath, 2 car)...