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    Buying units off the plan?

    Any advise for buying off the plan, am thinking of investing in new unit at chermside in brisbane. thanks in advance
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    Ed Chan offices in brisbane?

    Do they have any offices in Brisbane?
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    Any limit for gifting cash to children?

    If it is a cash donation to children there is no limit>
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    Are hdt's the best structure to use for property investing?
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    What structure do you use/recommend?

    Does a hdt qualify for the 50 per cent cgt discount?
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    Another ppor to ip thread

    We are planning on buying new ppor and turning old ppor into ip. I realise repayments on new house wont be tax deductable but is there any cgt payable if we are not selling house, or any other negatives???
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    To sell ppr or convert to ip

    What if you want to keep the ppor and turn into ip , could you move into new ppor and just pay it down as quickly as youcan and not pay cgt?
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    Family trust?

    What are the advantages of a family trust or any other sort of trust for the regular property investor?, and disadvantages , please. thanks
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    land tax?

    Is land tax payable as a one off when you purchase a property or annualy?
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    land tax in states other than NSW

    land tax Is land tax a one off when you buy the property or a yearly thing??
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    When to purchase your 2nd IP? How do you determine/decide this?

    Where can i buy this pia software and how much is it?
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    Turning ppor into ip?

    Sorry, i dont think i made myself clear. Our ppor now that we are planning to move out of and turn into ip is paid off BUT the loan is not paid out. So could we move house, new ppor, and move all our equity from old house, old loan onto new ppor loan to pay most of it off and have the new...
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    Turning ppor into ip?

    We are planning to buy another house to live in and turn our home (which is paid off} into an investment property. How can this be done?
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    Lump sum, what to do?

    Thanks yo yo ma. But i still dont understand, wouldnt the money be better to get the loan down than sitting in an account earning interest??
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    Lump sum, what to do?

    We have various propertys that are negatively geared and we have inherited some money. Would we be best served by paying this extra cash into our loans to get it down, therefore allowing us to buy more properties with the equity?