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    How to improve serviceability

    Hi all, We have 3IPs and a PPOR. For the Year 2009-10 my taxable income was $124K. Last year tax refund was @15K and this year it is @16K. I read somewhere that I can ask my employer to cut less tax every month and pay me $$$ more (16000/12=1333). So, it will show in my bank statement that I...
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    How can I claim depreciation for half year?

    Hello everyone, It is TAX time and I have two questions. (1) IP -1 settlement on 7th Dec 2009 and IP-2 settlement on 31st Dec 2009. Should I claim Landlord insurance premium for 206 and 181 days? Or we can claim full premium? (2) We have got Depreciation schedule for both the properties...
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    Mining on MOON FIFO or FUFD?

    I work for a Mining/Construction company doing FIFO. During last RDO we were drinking & discussing about future of mining and FIFO works. One of my friend made a good comment, he said forget FIFO, we will be doing FUFD (Fly Up-Fly Down)soon. He explained. There are plenty of minerals on MOON...
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    Need urgent help to understand this plan

    Hi Everyone, I am interested to buy a property. It is survey strata subdivided. Please see the attachment, it shows 92m2 CP3 that is common for both lots. How can bemanaged? I am interested in front property 370m2. If I buy it, do I need to pay for that 92m2 area's road or concrete work...