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    For about 1 million ???

    I live in Sydney and I have few IP's in Sydney and Melbourne. Most of these are just standard IP's (Houses on torrens title blocks). After doing a hands on project (an Owner builder for my PPOR... about 900k project..., which I enjoyed doing, and feel I did well...and got a good value out of...
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    Melton, West Melton, Brookfield........????

    Melton, West Melton, Brookfield..... these used to be some of the hotly debated investment areas in the years gone by... What's going on with them now a days ? I think the property values have gone down in these suburbs, in line with the other similar west Melbourne suburbs like Wyndham...
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    Sub-division consultants in Campbelltown/Liverpool area ??

    Dear Folks, I want to sub-divide a block of land in the Liverpool/Campbelltown area. The council I have to deal with is Campbelltown council. Can someone suggest me any consultants to undertake this work for me. I am after someone experienced and who won't cost me the earth to...
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    Gillard govt. Scrapping Negative Gearing !!

    Just Heard, Gillard government scrapping negative gearing, Is that true ? What will be the implications ? Find below the link I found about this news item, posted by someone on facebook
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    Colorbond roofs ???

    Dear Friends, I am building a home in Sydney. I am observing that more and more people are now building the relatively flatter Colorbond roofs rather than the traditional brick/concrete roofs. In the contemporary/modern design, I would say, they look pretty good, for sure. BUT at...
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    Blacktown area ? Good Prop. Manager ??

    Hi Folks, I wish to rent out a house in the Blacktown area of Sydney, at Marayong to be precise. Can you please suggest good property manager?? How much do they roughly charge ? Thanks. Sanjeev
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    Good Architect for Liverpool (NSW) council area.

    Hello Folks, I wish to build a House as an owner/builder in Liverpool council area. The block which I have purchased is a bit irregular and thus I need the services of an architect to design an appropriate double story designfor me. Can some one suggest me some good architects or draughtsman ...
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    Borrowing for property investment under Self Managed Super Fund

    Hi, I wish to buy an IP under a Self Managed Super Fund for myself and my wife, we both work in NSW Public Service. After the Govt. changed the rules about a couple of years ago, its possible to borrow for a property investment in a SMSF setup. Could anyone please provide some more...
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    Wyndham Vale/Truganina/Tarneit Precinct.

    Hi, I am interested to know the Melbourne investors' opinion on the areas in the Wyndham City Council, i.e. suburbs like Wyndham Vale, Truganina, Tarneit etc. Terry Ryder of the suggests this region as a major growth area. He is of the opinion that the population in this...
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    Western Sydney areas ? Which are the best.

    Hi, I wish to buy one or more investment properties in Western Sydney area. When I say western Sydney, I mean the areas from Parramatta onwards upto Penrith (if I follow the railway line), and all the sorrounding suburbs in this region. Apart from this I am also including areas around Quakers...
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    Geraldton (W.A) ????

    Hi, I am interested in buying an investment property in Geraldton, Western Australia. What do think about this place from an investor's point of view? I have read Terry Ryder's hot spotting report and he has nominated this place having good prospects for strong capital growth. He is of...
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    Any good books on renos, small dvpt.?? Pls suggest

    Hi Folks, I wish to learn about the renovations, and small development etc, could you please suggest some good books I may read on this topic I have seen that many people are selling expensive seminars, there may be a lot good in them but my experience says that when these people write books...
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    Good areas for IP's in Regional NSW ??

    Hi, folks , I wish to buy about two investment properties in Regional New South Wales. I wish to keep the budget for each around 200k (give or take 10%). Any suggestions which areas may present good prospects for good capital growth and reasonable yield in the mid to long term investment...
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    Investment Opportunities in "IPSWICH AREA" ???

    Hi, Folks, Ipswich area is quite popular with investors at the moment, and the stats. suggest many good things about the future of this area. Lot of infrastructure is being planned, the State Govt. and the local govt. both seem to be quite active to further develop this area. But when an...
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    Henley properties group Melbourne ???

    Hi, I am thinking about buying a land and a house package in Melbourne West, from Henley Properties group. Any ideas about the company? What is the quality of the construction of their homes? Any other issues (positive or negative) with them?? I will be grateful for your comments/advice...
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    Any Reliable "Home Builders" in Melbourne: Suggestions invited.

    Hi, Folks, I intend to build a 3 or 4 bedroom in outer West Melbourne areas. Could you please suggest any quality , reliable home building company in Melbourne. I hope with your suggestions I will be able to find some good building company, who will build a quality home with less hassles...
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    Good areas: Melton, Melton West, Kurunjang, Brookfield etc??

    Hi, Has anyone recently visited Melton and the sorrounding suburbs to have an impression about this area?? If yes what are your views, What do you think is the best strategy to buy there?? Where should one buy, in Melton West, or Kuranjang etc. where the newer estates are , or , one...
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    Mortgagee Sales-Auctions????

    Hi, I have heard a lot that now a days there are a lot of repossessions and as a result mortgagee sales/auctions. Though it is a sad story that these things are happening, but often the properties sold by the mortgagee's are sold at a bargain price. I there any website or publication from...
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    werribee, Wyndham vale areas in Melbourne

    Hello Friends, I am thinking about buying an investment property in Melbourne, What are your views about the Warrawee, Whyndham vale area in general. Do you think this area represents good choice if we think about medium to long term investment span. What are you views about this area...
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    Broadmeadows, Victoria

    Hello Friends, What are your views about this suburb in the Melbourne North, It is about 17 Kilometres from CBD, has a railway station, good sized blocks and affordable price range (affordable for me). What are your views about this suburb as an investment property. Does it possess good...